Amenities of Wellbeing

Amenities of Wellbeing

Amenities are one of the adorning jewels of a premise with purpose and value – Value that adds to everyone’s wellbeing, experiences and lifestyle. Types of amenities have been classified into two kinds of amenities which are – tangible and intangible amenities. Where tangible amenities include facilities such as elevators, Wi-Fi, parks, community areas, swimming pools, golf courses, and health club facilities, intangible amenities include well-integrated public transport, pleasant views, connectivity and other attributes such as convenience to schools, shopping and entertainment. Here we are going to have a look at how amenities play an important role in our day-to-day living.

Ever-rising competition in the real estate industry is proving to be very beneficial for the buyer. Where much can’t be altered in the sizes or the types of construction, developers are building enticing amenities to enhance the overall value of their respective projects as well as add more to everyday living. Amenities influence lifestyle in a major way and are being considered as essentials for buying a flat.

Health & Fitness

Irrespective of age and gender, there are a certain set of amenities that benefit everyone in the family. A jogging/walking track is a gift for your physical and mental wellbeing. Regular walking/running helps in boosting mood as well as makes one more agile. Sports and recreational amenities such as indoor games, gymnasium and health clubs, outdoor sports, multipurpose hall or play area are few amenities that add to one’s fitness. Indoor sports like badminton and others help one upscale their stamina and morale. Outdoor sports offerings such as volleyball court, basketball court, cricket nets/ground, and many others are value boosters. Space crunch in the cities can lack such facilities but having such facilities inside the premise multiplies the significance of living in an amenities studded premise. Swimming is profoundly relaxing and has been found as a great mood booster. Having a swimming pool inside the premises as an amenity is a great attribute.

Dedicated children’s play area helps in making their childhood days more special. Children’s play area comes with their favourites like – slides, see-saws and more. Having such amenities inside the premise offers a secure ambience that helps parents stay carefree and helps children play with all their heart. Also, this builds a bond amidst the friends they make in the society enhancing community living.

Open green gym for senior citizens – this set of amenities helps senior citizens and others to stay fit. Green gym equipment is installed in the outdoors and is significant for working out every part of the body.


Another set of amenities that ensure security in various ways include – power back-up, CCTV’s, security guards and more. Having a highly secured premise ensures safety in turn offering you a better lifestyle. Power back-up is an essential attribute that keeps the premise powered even when there’s a power outage. This upholds security and also eliminates insecurities in times of adversity.

With the evolution, newly built homes are coming with premium modular kitchens, fully electric essentials, sound-enabled switches and more. Every amenity has its own purpose that glorifies the project and also adds to your everyday living. Hence, knowing more about amenities helps in choosing better.

At Pyramid Lifestyle, we understand the importance of amenities and hence we ensure to install the latest versions at our projects. Every project demands a different set of amenities and after assessing the needs, we ensure the best is offered to everyone. 

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