Dream start your dream business

Your business is a confluence of aspirations, hard work and persistence. And to ensure that your business reaches the highest pedestal of growth, the first and foremost requirement is a dynamic commercial space – space which not only suffices the needs of the business but also offers elements of comfort, graceful functionality and stature needful for a business to thrive. There are various facets that play an important role in making a well-structured commercial space. We will look into various touchpoints that make for a dream start to your dream business.


Your choice of location for your commercial property is going to be every day to and fro from office and work. Hence, the first thing to consider before buying a commercial property is to check accessibility for doing the everyday needful. One must look for how accessible is the area via different modes of transport like bus, metro or other means. Checking its distance from other commercial hubs is also important as it adds to the value of the property and also stands as a landmark for any other kind of needs. One must also check for industries in the surrounding area and must also map the growth potential of the area in the near future.


Different type of setting is required for a different type of businesses. To suit and support your particular business what all changes have to be incurred in the property will regulate the additional cost. One must thoroughly check for how the complaint is the property for your business needs. There are chances that the commercial space you like is located at a prime destination but asks for a lot of changes in the structure which might spike up its total cost. However, if the location of the property is in an area of appreciating value, one can stick to the plan of buying it as it would yield heavy returns.


Commercial properties do come with amenities that are very essential. A project which doesn’t offer much of amenities can stand deterrent for the value that it holds. One of the most significant amenities is security. A secure premise with CCTV’s and guards add a lot of value to your property. Not having this can make you think about the security of your space each time you are not around. While having this adds to your peace of mind and also lets you focus on the essential. As your business would be wanting heavy footfall for growth, having ample parking space gets important. Other amenities like water supply, lift and free area to take a stroll to add more value to the property.

The project – Pyramid Axis has been built over all the above-mentioned touchpoints to give you all that it takes. Located in the prime locale of Baner, this property ensures that you get the best of everything. Where key destinations of the city stand just minutes away, this property also offers high-end security for your dreams to grow. The commercial spaces in the project vary from 327 sq.ft to 5000 sq.ft to suit the needs of different businesses.  A one of its kind of project that stands tall with poise to help your dream business get a dream start. 

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