the city with the best quality of life

Pune: The city with the Best Quality of Life

First things first, congratulations Punekars. The Oxford of the East, Punyanagari, Aapla Pune, has the second best ‘quality of life’ in India. In Mercer’s survey for Quality of Living Index 2023, Pune has scored the 154th position. Read on to know more about this feat. 

According to the index, Hyderabad has gained the top position as  the best Indian city in terms of ‘Quality of Life.’ It stands at number 153 in the global list, while Pune is at number 154 & Bengaluru, the third Indian city is  at number 156. The top three global cities are Vienna, Zurich & Auckland respectively.

Mercer is a global consultant for businesses whose Quality of Living data provides valuable information and hardship premium recommendations for most of the major cities around the globe.  This data assesses the practicalities of daily life for expatriate employees and their families in several cities worldwide.

It takes into account a number of variables, such as the socio-political climate, crime and violence, schools and education, disease and sanitation standards, physical remoteness, and ease of communication for the people.

The rankings were last released in 2019, Hyderabad and Pune were tied for 143rd place. Interestingly, in the last ‘Quality of Living’ rankings, published in 2019 Pune and Hyderabad both shared the position at rank 143 globally. In a similar index, shared by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs called Ease of Living Index 2023, Pune was ranked second among cities with a population over a million. 

These back-to-back wins indicate why Pune is a great place to live, and reflect  the factors contributing to a favourable environment for residents. They include Pune high-quality real estate, its year-round pleasant climate, premium educational institutions, world-class healthcare facilities, and robust infrastructure and connectivity. Add to this mix a thriving IT industry, ample employment opportunities and you have the perfect recipe.

Despite being a major industrial hub, Pune is surrounded by nature and green cover. It has hundreds of open public spaces, which include parks, gardens on traffic islands and playgrounds, which also contribute to the increased living standards.

The rankings for 2023 also highlight the continuous endeavours taken by the government machinery in improving the city’s infrastructure and raising its overall living standards. 

Pune’s strength is its identity as a centre for education, arts and culture. A notable presence of educational institutes, and the IT and other professional working populations will ensure that it continues to be the centre for knowledge-based employment in the years to come. You cannot go wrong in choosing Pune, though you should look at areas that have better road and electricity infrastructure.

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