10things to know before investing in Commercial property

10 Things To Consider Before Selecting Your Office Spaces

Office spaceworkspace, offices, etc are merely synonyms of the common area where a business is planned strategically and executed precisely. From an idea of conquering the world, pushing limits much more beyond, setting a bar higher to establish and run a new empire with the help of numerous hands of hard work i.e.- pronounced to be an office.

While taking up a new commercial office space, there are some crucial key questions in which your space should be armed enough to answer.

  • Is your commercial space quiet and compelling enough where employees could focus on?
  • Is your commercial space accessible and feasible where employees can work in a collaborative manner?
  • Is our commercial office space smart where employees can learn?
  • Is our commercial office space physically vast but relatively close enough to socialize? 

As office space plays a crucial role as it reflects the organization’s culture and image. Office space is an organization’s face or identity and you can’t afford to compromise it.

In this the ever-evolving commercial world, when it comes to Pune real estate market the whole dynamic takes a straight U-turn. Here’s where Baner has emerged as the new business capital of Pune. Every time while investing we need to be very careful about our endowed capital and the question arises – is that capital is going to produce any outcome for you or not? 

While owning commercial office spaces there are 10 things to consider before selecting your office spaces:

  1. Business Types– A deep check on your business type before choosing a real estate office space. You have to be certain that, it is suitable for the kind of work you are doing or not. Try to take care of parameters and factors which can create impact either positively or negatively. 
  2.  Reachability– This is the most pivotal factor that not only applies to employees but clients too. The office should be located in some prominent area where transportation facilities should be out-standing so that people won’t mind coming down to your office again. 
  3. Competition– Remember to keep your friends close, enemies closer. Maintain a close distance with your competition so that you can keep an eye on each step and plan strategy accordingly. Diminishing distance have a harmful effect then you and your actions would be stalked by competitors.
  4. Cost– Before you even start searching, calculate your budget very carefully, to make a check on your affordability. Take care of hidden charges it may cost like a bomb on the top of that, there is an additional security charge for damages and maintenance. 
  5. Surrounding and Ambiance– Is there any restaurant or café nearby for your employees to get refreshed? What does your office look like? It is a proven fact that productivity and creativity go hand in hand and creativity needs space and factor to flourish. Your workspace should speak volume about your company culture and creativity through chic and classy ambience which should narrate the story of success, struggle, and enthusiasm with comfort. 

As a new Business and IT hub of Pune, Baner is the most desirable location for every purpose. It is the connecting link between various areas. Baner is bordered by Pashan in the south, Balewadi the west, Aundh to the north and Pune University to the east.

6. Parking Space– Lack of parking space is one of the biggest problems all the metropolitan cities are facing nowadays. Every real estate office space should have parking space as it creates a memorable impression in the mind of your potential clients.

7. Legally Verified– The first and foremost vital thing which one should be certain about any space is whether the commercial real estate of the lease is lawfully verified and free from all unfair means or not. It can increase the budget a little bit but one should not hesitate to seek professional help on the verification process. 

8. Company Size– You have a fair idea about the company size and number of employees and its upcoming requirements. Prioritize task execution and asset availability can avoid unwanted nuisance. 

9. Infrastructure & Technology– Every organization requires these basic facilities and amenities like electricity, alarms, machines, printer, table, chair, first aid kit, etc. The spaces should have internet services and a proper network connection with security surveillance.

10. Room to grow- We have seen various workspaces having foosballs, caroms, cafeteria and Saturday programs. To make the office space more familiar and stress-free. 

Pune is one of the continuously growing Industrial hubs of India. In this ever-evolving, every other second a new organization is blooming in this race where they have put their dreams, capitals, and money on stakes. Every project requires platter success rather than just a pinch of it. So every entrepreneur is working at their best so that they can accomplish their goal. Where Pyramid Axis real estate Office spaces make you stand out in the crowd by providing all of the above-mentioned services at competitive prices in a place like Baner generally lies on the western side of Pune. Get a benefit of commercial office space in the most scintillating area surrounded by the lush green environment with amazing transport facilities with great ambience and accessibility.

The pyramid is setting the bar quite high by providing extravagant real estate office spaces at reasonable prices with extraordinary facilities, ergonomically designed and lawfully verified with optimal use of each square feet. Pyramid lifestyle caters to a wide range of commercial and residential properties all across Pune with good connectivity and premium amenities. Pyramid Axis is the commercial office space located in the rising Pune i.e. Baner. Make a wise choice, by selecting your office space in the most well equipped and soothing place where you will find your success. 

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