Are you looking for the best locations to buy property in Pune?

Are you looking for the best locations to buy property in Pune?

Pune, the queen of Deccan that makes your spirits go up high! The Oxford of the East is always in the list of the most desirable cities in terms of livability, and owning a property is the one desire that everyone shares in India! The idea of an ideal property investment might differ from person to person but the agenda behind purchasing a shelter or investing in properties is the same, which is to build a capital for long-term security. Observing the volatile market conditions of the real estate industry, everyone should have their own space. 

According to real estate surveys, Pune is the most popular destination to lead a peaceful and secure life. What is even more exciting about Pune is the presence of tourist spots such as hill stations, forts, and places of pilgrimage. All these make Pune city, the best city for residential and commercial real estate. One can also consider living in good projects in Pune which are quite reasonably priced.

Here we present the best locations to invest in Pune:


Located in the western part of Pune, Baner has emerged as one of the prime locations of Pune real estate market. The area has gained momentum and fulfills every lifestyle aspect like commercial hubs, restaurants, malls, etc. The expansion of Pune city galvanized the development of the outskirts and suburbs, where some are turning out to be a real gem by showing magnificent growth. The settlement of ITs and many industries nearby has helped Baner in becoming a promising real estate hotspot. The availability of luxurious properties has developed into an alternative to the saturated micro-markets in central Pune. Baner is bordered by Pashan, Balewadi, Aundh and Pune University. So the expansion of sectors and opportunities are increasing the rental system of residential and commercial belts. Due to the widespread growth of crowd over central Pune, everyone is seeking the location which provides good connectivity, educational and employment opportunities, serenity and the tranquil environment i.e. Baner. There are wide varieties of properties for sale from home to office spaces, commercial spaces, etc. The most enticing factor that Baner having is the proximity to Mumbai- Bengaluru highway. Baner has well organized social and physical infrastructure which can make everyone’s work-life easy. Book terrific office spaces in Pyramid Axis, at Baner. 

Wakad –

Wakad is situated on the north-western fringe of Pune which was developed due to the tremendous growth of neighboring areas of Baner and Aundh. The presence of employment opportunities and a vast tract of land made it one of the sought after real estate investment areas in Pune. Wakad boasts excellent intercity and intracity road connectivity. The reason for the constant appreciation of property prices is its proximity to IT and industrial hubs of Pune. The PCMC has selected Wakad for area-based development under the Smart Cities Mission which promises good appreciation in realty prospects. Wakad is witnessing excellent connectivity, reasonable prices, Grade-A commercial developments, and increasing residential demand. In green landscapes of Bhumkar chowk, Wakad, one can find a wide range of properties with great returns! Redefine your elegant lifestyle with luxurious commercial and residential spaces with a promise of an affluent future at Wakad. 

Bhukum –

The developing areas likely to grow multifold and in Pune, the dimensions of growth are quite promising as the city provides exemplary connectivity, massive employment opportunities, state-of-the-art educational institutes, a serene environment, and security. Pyramid Lifestyle offers a wide range of properties in the most magnificent locations as mentioned above. Pyramid Lifestyles are always providing complete customer satisfaction through their RERA approved properties across Pune.  

Over-population causes discomfort, traffic and slows down the pace of life. The maximum population in Pune has already started looking for a crowd-free area, where they can quietly enjoy their comfort zone. The settlement of industries and ITs are creating new employment opportunities, and it is resulting in top-notch residential and commercial projects in Pune. With magnificent growth of the outskirts and suburbs, Pune’s extended dimensions are getting a chance to play in the front with many investment avenues. Bhukum is surrounded by beautiful spots for recreational purposes. Pyramid County provides the most gracefully designed and strategically planned flats and row-houses surrounded by a green environment at Bhukum. Among the biggest perks of having a property in Bhukum are the luxury, comfort and elegance that come at minimalistic prices. This makes up for promising future returns on your property investment.

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