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My Pyramid Celebrating Life Together

The secret behind every successful business or brand is not just the strategy, planning or other business centric initiative but it’s actually how it connects and treats all the people it works with (for instance, customers & investors). How your business adds value in the people’s lives and how it makes them feel equally important, is all that matters.

Pyramid is a well known and one of the leading real estate developers in Pune & Nagpur with numerous magnificent projects all around. Being a renowned real estate company, we firmly believe that building strong relationships with complete transparency is the primary rule for any business. Also to provide better solutions to the people, it’s extremely important to know them first and have a good connection with them. With this thought in mind, we present to you ‘My Pyramid’, an initiative to connect with you all and to build a happy community.

Pyramid community is a large family comprising of investors, channel partners and the residents of our projects like Pyramid County, Pyramid Axis & Atlante. When you have so many members in your family located at different locations it becomes little difficult to gather them under one roof and to know everybody thoroughly. My Pyramid is an effort to bring them all together and to know everybody better. It’s a platform to celebrate our happy moments, festivals, events and many more things that’ll enable us to meet each other, to know each other. There will be a grand annual gathering of the entire Pyramid Community marked with entertainment programs, cultural activities, sports tournaments and lots of fun. By having such activities together, everyone will get a chance to know their neighbors and neighborhood – the community they are living in. Participating in fun activities and having a great time together will help us strengthen our bonds with each other. With the help of such an initiative, we’ll be able to create a happy place leading to joyous living. So get ready to make new friends have lot of fun in the process!

My Pyramid is a step towards conveying to all how important they are to us and strengthening our relationship with them. We strongly believe that everybody associated with Pyramid Lifestyle is an integral part of Pyramid community. Therefore we want you to give us suggestions and help us build a thriving community that you would like to be a part of! Do let us know what you all think about our initiative. We are all ears!

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