Winter is Here Tips to keep your home warm during winters

Winter is Here: Tips to keep your home warm during winters

The drop in temperature is a pleasant respite from Pune’s harsh summers. And while many enjoy the cool breeze, there are some who can’t stand the cold. If you are one of them, it’s time to change things up around your home. Here are a few things you could do to keep your home warm during the winter.

1. Soak up sunshine

The sun is out only for short durations of the day during winters. Open up your curtains and let the light in. This will help to keep the room warm. Draw back the curtains at sunset, so that the heat that’s in the room does not escape.

2. Shut your doors

When you leave all the room doors in your home open, you allow cold wind to circulate in your premises. Keeping the doors shut, especially of the rooms that are not being used, will help your space stay a little warmer. This is mainly because you stop the circulation of the cold breeze through the house.

3. Add more rugs

As the days turn cooler, your floors are the ones which get chilled the most. The heat that your home retains is lost through this. A good way to stop this from happening is to add carpets, rugs and other floor coverings to insulate your floor. Cover the floor as much as possible, and if there are any cracks or gaps, use silicone-based filler to fill them.

4. Use incandescent light

Over the years, we’ve all moved away from incandescent light and started using LED and CFL lights in our homes. But the truth is, incandescent lights emit light as well as a little warmth. If you switch out your existing light bulbs with incandescent lights, you could add more warmth to your home. Alternatively, you can add more candles and tea lights to emit a warm glow in your home that may help you keep warm.

5. Bring in your heavy drapes

Drape the window with heavy curtains to block the cold air from entering your home. Curtains that are thicker work, such as velvet act as a natural way to heat a room. When the weather is nice, you can open the curtains and let some light in.

Follow the following easy steps mentioned to keep the house warm and cosy when the mercury drops.

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