3 reasons to love owning real property over stocks, REITs etc

Owning a property, whether commercial or residential, is an investment towards building a tangible asset for the future. While there are several alternatives to this such as stocks and REITs among others, being the owner of an actual property has its own unique benefits. When it comes to financially securing your future for complete stability and growth, a diversified approach is always recommended, which includes a judicious mix of various assets. REITs and real estate assets offer several of the same benefits, though there are a lot of misconceptions regarding their differences. REITs are often thought of as having lower initial costs than real estate investments but this may not always be the case.

While REITs are generally more cost-friendly, there are a number of inexpensive financing options available for investors wishing to get started in real estate. But several seasoned investors will agree that there are certain advantages of owning real property which you don’t enjoy among other investments such as stocks, REITs and others. Let’s look at a few of them in this informative blog!

Emotional investment:

For almost all first-time buyers, owning a property is an emotional investment. This is particularly so in the case of residential property buyers. A home is an effort that is towards creating a legacy for the entire family. More often than not, an apartment is a roof over the head for first-time buyers and an escape from the restrictive living conditions experienced while renting a home. And looking at it from a second-home owner’s perspective, your own property is a great way to earn additional income by putting it on rent. Similarly, a commercial space in a prime location is a great asset that you can either lease out to other businesses or even use it to further your own commercial endeavours.

Complete control:

Having your own property gives you complete control which you seldom enjoy in a rented property. This involves furnishing it according to your tastes and personalising it the way you want. Whether it’s an apartment or a plot or even a row house, you enjoy total freedom in developing the place to suit your family’s needs and requirements. Even if the scenario involves a commercial space, you can decide what kind of sitting arrangement to provide, how the workspaces should be distributed and so on.

Low risk factor:

Unlike the shares and stocks, which are subject to serious market risks and fluctuations, the property market is relatively stable and offers lower risk. Stock values can be extremely volatile and this fact has been demonstrated yet again by the Coronavirus pandemic. Their prices are subject to the wide range of factors which cause volatility, such as geopolitical as well as company-specific events. On the other hand, a real estate investment may not be as liquid as stocks, but it certainly provides a stable source or growth as passive income stream. Additionally, investing in property provides the potential for substantial appreciation from a long-term perspective.

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