How to analyse commercial real estate properties for direct investment?

Commercial real estate properties always offer rich dividends. In addition to stable rental income the value of a commercial property appreciates fast. With longer lease period, no hassles to find new tenants and no maintenance, this investment is highly lucrative. Let’s have a look at how to analyse commercial real properties for direct investment.

Know the market trends

Once you have zeroed in on investing in a commercial property, know the latest trends in the market. Identify the areas which are driving the industrial or economic growth. Find out about the rate structures in various areas and compare them. Try to understand which commercial properties are in vogue and why. If you are eyeing real estate investment opportunities in Pune, analyse the market dynamics.

Choose your location

There are excellent commercial properties in Pune. The location you choose will make the difference. Ensure that your commercial property is the best one in that area. The property in progressive suburbs with shopping centres, restaurants and housing cluster fetches good returns. Make sure your commercial property is accessible, close to IT or commercial hubs and amidst good infrastructure.

Select trusted builder

If you are keen to invest in commercial properties in Pune, go for a reputed builder from Pune. Your stakes are involved so check the builder’s credibility. Have a look at his completed projects if possible. Also keep in mind all aspects of your budget and ensure you are making a cost effective investment.

Analyse growth prospects

Among the available commercial properties in Pune, go for the one which has maximum growth prospects. Bigger properties are good for long term returns. Connectivity makes a difference. Well planned spaces and pro-business amenities add value.

Knowing that commercial real estate investment can be a boon to your investment portfolio, why wait?

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