3 ways to optimise office spaces for employee well-being

After the pandemic, people have either resumed work at the office or opted for hybrid mode. Since then, health and well-being have topped their list of priorities. Employees seek to work in places that are conducive for them. Several studies show that physical specifications of office spaces can lead to a positive impact on employees. Right from design, furniture, natural features, location, to even healthy social interaction, boosts work productivity.

Here are 3 effective ways to use office spaces to boost employee well-being.

1. Ergonomic work spaces

It is important to feel good and comfortable throughout the work day. People often experience neck ache, lower back ache, sore wrists or a headache. These inconveniences gradually lead to serious health issues. Hence, it is crucial that the office be intelligently designed to cater to employee well-being.

Right from chair height, equipment space, its arrangement and availability of light, are aspects that must be ergonomically designed. The systematically placed furniture amid workspaces reduces the risk of injury or long term health problems. Incorporating such crucial elements at the workplace can boost productivity.

2. Open spaces for recreation

Long working hours can cause immense fatigue among employees. The sedentary lifestyle and prolonged screen time causes immense discomfort. It is important to break free from our daily routine and unwind for a brief time. Be it a quick coffee break or grabbing a snack, we all need an open place for frequent movement. This helps reduce stress, improve blood flow and keeps the mind fresh.

There could be a space outside the office, near the cafeteria or a dedicated recreational zone. Such places encourage people to engage in meaningful social interaction. This promotes emotional well-being amid colleagues and helps build amicable bonds. Creating such a positive work culture motivates employees to come happily to work.

3. Top quality amenities

The way people perceive their surroundings has a significant impact on their emotional and cognitive behaviour. Especially at work, this affects their overall well-being and productivity. Firstly, it is essential to ensure the basics: separate and spacious washrooms in proximity to work space, easy availability of drinking water, dedicated area to park vehicles, provision for staircase and elevator (if required) and added amenities depending on the nature of business. Offices must be mindful towards menstruators and ensure sufficient supply of sanitary pads and disposable bags as required at all times.

Incorporating elements of nature will certainly work well for the employees. Building a space that has good ventilation, with plenty of natural light during most part of the day equipped with devices that ensure a suitable temperature for everyone, are useful ways to promote overall employee well-being.

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