Impact of the Metro Line Expansion on Pune’s Real Estate

Pune is one of the most liveable cities in India. The city is witnessing a jump in the population, massive influx of people in search of employment, traffic congestion, soaring expenses and longer commutes. This has led to a rising need in developing public transportation in the city.

Fortunately, Pune is heading towards promising times ahead with its evolving infrastructure. The real estate landscape is about to transform with the expansion of the metro lines in Pune. These urban developments certainly make commuting easy and give multiple avenues of growth in the real estate sector.

Here are some of the advantages of the expanding metro lines on the real estate in Pune.

Appreciation in property prices

The developing metro line will result in a price surge for the properties situated near the stations. The ease of commuting to work will be a motivating factor for people to live close to their homes. The possibility of walking to work or the proximity of the metro will be a boon for people as well as to real estate developers. The areas surrounding the metro station will also have the potential of becoming a thriving investment as there will be a high rise in its prices, ensuring promising returns.

Seamless connectivity to the city

The brimming employment opportunities in Pune is inviting people from all across the country. The well-connected metro line across the length and breadth of the city will be beneficial for people to travel to different parts of Pune. This shift in the public transport system will lead to significant growth for the real estate companies. As they can launch new residential and commercial projects in the periphery of the metro stations.

Boon for other businesses

The infrastructural developments in Pune will also benefit other businesses like malls, restaurants, hospitals and general stores. There will be good connectivity from various parts of the city like from PCMC to Swargate or from Hinjawadi to the Civil Court via Balewadi. The proximity of the public infrastructure and amenities will be beneficial for all residential and commercial projects in the vicinity. Even homebuyers will prefer residing in such areas.

Lead a peaceful life

The development of the metro line enhances connectivity to numerous parts of the city. This resolves the issue of long and expensive commutes. The possibility of travelling for work to the city yet savoring moments of peace in the suburbs of Pune brings the best of both worlds to people.

The Pune metro will revolutionize the real estate landscape of the city. Hence, there are ample opportunities for many to grow and flourish. This is definitely a blessing for investors, homebuyers and real estate developers in making the most of upcoming prospects.

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