Investing in real estate brings with itself several advantages that are short term as well as long term. But there are several forms of property investment, with the main categories being residential and commercial property investment. While each type of investment offers unique advantages, there are certain risks involved with both the categories and deciding beforehand is crucial to getting the right returns.

Let’s take residential investment for example. A residential property by definition is a real estate property that is designed to house families, couples and individuals for residential purposes. The objective here is comfort and homeliness. A home is also an emotional investment and usually, first time home investors also choose to live in the homes they buy. Residential investment from a returns perspective happens as a second home or holiday home which you can also rent out as a source of additional income. From a beginner’s standpoint, investing in a residential property is usually easier than investing in a commercial property and another benefit is that residential properties usually have cheaper variations than commercial properties. Residential property investment is easier to finance as the market is flooded with several home loan providers who offer convenient options.

commercial property on the other hand, houses several people for work and mainly serves as an office or business space, shop or studio. The objective here is functionality and performance. As such, the amenities differ vastly from those provided for a residential space, although office spaces today offer some kind of recreational areas or chill-out zones as well. Commercial property investment isn’t considered an entry-level real estate investment, as it requires more financing than a residential property, and the legal framework for proper documentation for a commercial property is substantially different than that of a residential property. Additionally, a commercial property requires a higher level of knowledge and experience in the real estate market and business. But at the same time, commercial property investment reaps bigger rewards when planned and done right. One of the advantages of investing in a commercial property is the lack of maintenance and reparation costs.

Overall, the consensus generally points to the fact that commercial property investment requires a seasoned approach, rigorous research and sound financial foundation. When it comes to Pune, there is wide choice of both residential as well as commercial properties up for sale across the city. Location still remains one of the key factors that decide the impact of your investment and the kind of returns you will receive in the future. Whether you are making a commercial or a residential investment, looking for a developer with trust and reliability will ease a lot of your worries. Pyramid Lifestyles, a real estate developer based in Pune and Nagpur has carved a niche for itself through stellar projects that are built with attention to quality and buyers’ needs. Pyramid Lifestyles offer both residential as well as commercial spaces at prime locations in Pune, like Bhukum, Baner and Bhumkar Chowk. Pyramid Axis at Baner provides premium office spaces with matchless connectivity to the Business and IT Hubs, in addition to easy access to the Mumbai Bengaluru Highway. Pyramid County, located at Bhukum and Pyramid Atlante situated in Bhumkar Chowk are residential projects that offer a luxurious standard of living in lively neighbourhoods, with educational and medical institutions close by. Choose Pyramid Lifestyles for your property investment needs and enjoy complete customer satisfaction! 

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