Commercial Property in Pune

Commercial Property In Pune- A Profitable Asset For Secure Future.

Commercial Property Investment is a broader term and may include Shop, Office Space, Land etc. Each of them has its own benefits and there are several real estate builders in Pune who provide commercial spaces for sale. As we have already discussed in our previous blog Current market conditions of real estate in India that investment is a responsible decision to make especially when the investment which has to be made in real estate. Where investment in commercial properties has set the bar fairly high as compared to residential, despite a very low population in terms of outcome. That’s why it is advisable to get deep insights of real estate market before investing.

If you are investing in commercial property in Pune, there are certain important factors to consider but once the research is done, you can start zeroing in on a favorable real estate company in Pune to buy your ideal commercial space.

Below are some viable reasons to buy commercial spaces in Pune

High Appreciation of property value– Leasing in commercial property is one of the most lucrative forms of investment with lots of benefits and lesser risk (depending on one factor i.e. location). It is being observed that commercial properties have a high tendency of value appreciation, that too even at a faster pace. Little enhancement can make your property more tempting which can add greater value which increases over time. 

Liberal contracts– Owning and leasing out residential real estate is not that profitable if you compare it with the outcome figures of commercial. Finding someone to occupy commercial space is difficult and time taking task, but the rewards are also way more satisfying. Residential properties are easily available but often the lease period is pretty small, however commercial properties have a tendency towards long term contracts going even up to 5 to 10 years. It is true to say that once you buy a commercial property it means, you bought a source of income with lots of benefits and liberties.  

Loose competition– The level of competition in commercial real estate is quite easy to tackle, because of the low population of investors. The popular sector to invest in Residential and rise in start-ups and urbanization is changing the face of Pune. The influx of new companies and brands is successfully benefiting from the evolution of this city and they are also actively looking to invest in commercial property or acquire it on lease. Commercial space has a lesser number of individual investors compared with other sectors like residential or plotting projects.

Maintaining a bond over business: The commercial property relationship between a landlord and a tenant is between two businesses and not two individuals. This means that the interaction between the parts should be more professional and well-mannered. Relationship and effective communication can help to retain some clients and increase your business too! Making bonds and socializing are some of the best methods to keep your property buzzing and trending on the buyers’ radars.

Little or no furnishing cost: One of the key advantages of commercial property investment is that there is little or no furnishing cost involved. You can handover a raw unit to the tenant. The corporates, banks, business houses or retail chains furnish the property as per their choice/taste. The reason being branding is very critical in commercial space. For example, if you lease it to the bank then the bank will have its own guidelines to set up the bank branch or ATM.

Better rent yields every year:  The prime reason why people would want to lease out property is to earn money. Commercial property outpaces residential property in terms of rent, making it a more thriving. Commercial Property investment is a smart move as it provides better rent yields in a year than any other property investments. The yields and returns in commercial properties are long-lasting too!  

Like most real estate investments, investing in commercial property requires sound research and planning. Right Time Right Price Right Place for good returns! Pyramid Lifestyle is redefining the market with top-notch office spaces and commercial spaces at Pyramid Axis. With our transparent process and lucrative commercial spaces, we strive to attain customer satisfaction. Watch your business gaining momentum at Pyramid Axis!

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