Tips to remember if you are a first time home buyer

Tips To Remember If You Are A First Time Home Buyer

Buying a home for the first time is the most daunting yet tempting decision to make. After looking at the numerous options which fall in your price budget, it can drive you to make an impulsive decision in buying home. We can’t say no to this fact that the current status of the real estate market is in a transitory period. The journey of home-owning is a bumpy ride as the whole savings are going to be on the stake and a failed attempt can lead you to pay mortgage till retirement on a home that you are not satisfied with.

The housing market continues to grow over the years. Low mortgage rates, jobs, and wage growth are increasing demand and enticing new players to get into the housing market. We can observe large entries of first-time buyers in the crowd. Purchasing home is the long term goal so it is wiser to make more concrete decisions. Before purchasing one should make a checklist of factors and consider all the options before making decisions. So again the narrative of “affordability” comes in play. The steps to home buying vary from state to state, so read on to get some helpful advice for the first time Home Buyers.

Clear all the debts and start saving for an emergency

Owning a home can be an expensive deal not for the long run but in the initial period. That’s because in your own home the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep cost will be yours. A home cannot be called home if it doesn’t fulfil the criteria of comfort and requirements. Imagine a house without amenities, will you call it a home? Pay off all your debts before buying the house. You should be debt-free before making a big investment.

 Compare all the parameters and make a wish list

Make a plan and jot it down with specifications of affordability, locality, floor plan, type of house you want and while doing it try to compare it with your vision of home! Calculate and compare all the parameters then start hunting for a house. Sort out the different necessities like for decoration, for interiors, amenities, furniture, etc. Create a wish list of what’s good and what’s not.

Determine how much you can afford

 Before making a secure plan and getting emotionally attached to a beautiful house, check your monthly budget to find out your affordability. It’s important to leave room in your budget for other things, so make sure your monthly housing costs (including HOA fees, taxes, insurance, etc). Be attentive while making a budget plan and always stick to it. 

Research neighbourhood and settlement

 Try to take in as much information as possible from channel partners. Calculate your new commute times to see if they seem manageable. Visit the neighbourhood at different times and days to check for traffic conditions and noise levels and to see if people are comfortable being outdoors. Ask your agent to help you make sure your offer is competitive but also within your budget and the home’s value.

Get a pre-approved loan

Once you’re confident you have enough cash saved to pay for closing costs and 20% of your home, you’re ready to handle the other 80% by talking to a loan provider. Get pre-qualified for a loan and take the extra time to get all your documents in order for a hassle-free home-buying experience. 

 The road to homeownership can be complicated and being financially prepared is the key to success. So whenever you are going to buy a home for the very first time, try to follow these tips which will help to navigate the process effortlessly and save money. At Pyramid Lifestyles, we give you 360-degree assistance while buying a home at our stellar projects. Our clear and transparent process ensures complete customer satisfaction, creating a happy home for years to come!

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