How can Plants Transform Your Space?

How can Plants Transform Your Space?

Space has gone from being the most abundantly available resource outside the earth to the least available resource on the planet. In the current world situation, space is the most underrated resource available with the implementation of social distancing in this already congested planet. A good amount of personal space is extremely important as the entire world is cooped up in their respective houses and there’s only a limit to which this situation can be handled productively. So there is a serious need to reduce the stress levels and boost the moods of people in order to successfully beat this situation that we are in, productively.

Significance of Plants in Homes

Plants are not only good for natural aesthetic purposes but also have many health benefits. Many studies have found the following about plants:

  • Plants improve your breathing – as we all know that plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, just the opposite of what humans do so they make an excellent pair
  • Plants are known to lower blood pressure and heart rates, reducing the overall muscle tension and stress hence improving health conditions
  • They boost your productivity and creativity
  • They improve the indoor air quality by absorbing the harmful toxins and increase humidity
  • They reduce noise pollution as plants absorb or reflect the noise coming from the outside so can be used as noise barrier
  • They improve the quality of life
  • Plants have great aesthetic features and can enhance the home environment


Types of plants that can be used indoors

There are a number of plants that be used indoors but a few have the best qualities that most definitely benefit you in more than one way.

  • Spider Plant – It is known to purify air and remove toxins and the best place to put it is in the living spaces of the house and can be maintained easily
  • Snake Plant – It purifies air by mainly absorbing carbon monoxide and filters other toxins. The best place to keep them is in living spaces and kitchens.
  • Gerbera Daisy – It gives out oxygen at night and removes toxins making it a great choice for bedrooms
  • Peace Lily – It removes mould and other airborne toxins and is a great choice for bathrooms and damp areas
  • English Ivy – Known for its air filtering traits, these plants are very beneficial for people with breathing problems such as allergies or asthma and are best suited for home offices or rooms.


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