Managing Kids During Work from Home

Parenting is always considered as a challenge that changes lives, but what happens when your personal and private life coincides in the same space? The answer to this question is constantly being answered by every household through various methods and practices. It is extremely normal for things to seem out of hand as each individual has a different mindset while working and similarly a different mindset while at home and this sudden shift of dynamics can take a while to adjust to efficiently. Since the imposition of the second lockdown in major cities, Work from Home has transcended into a tradition for the future and it is important to adapt to it as soon as possible.

Problems faced by parents while working from home

Any form of disturbance or hindrance in a life-long routine can lead to an obvious imbalance in the management of both important aspects of life. Managing kids during work from home can be a demanding task. The common problems faced are:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Over-exertion to maintain balance
  • Distorted sleep schedules and poor time management
  • Managing children’s anxiety and stress simultaneously with work stress
  • Coping with online education and work from home at the same time
  • Maintaining a consistent healthy routine for yourself and the kids
  • Constant distractions that lead to poor focus and hence poor performance
Importance of having a workspace at home

Allotting designated spaces for respective tasks creates an illusion of control over actions and can enhance your productivity while doing the said tasks. Here’s what you can do:

  • Create an itinerary and turn it into a routine for yourself and your children. This will help manage your time well and improve your productivity while covering all aspects of your lives.
  • Create a separate workspace and play-space for your kids to create a sense of distinction
  • Children are an empty book. Engage them in interactive tasks that broaden their mentalities and ensure educational entertainment.
  • Draw a boundary between work time and home time to minimize the disruption in the respective streams of life
  • Manage your breaks with your children to ensure a fulfilling quality time being spent
  • Encourage questions to maintain consistent communication in the family

Children are children, they’ll forget and lead you into new uncertainties every day but steps will definitely improve your chances of managing your life at home and your work from home.

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