Significance of high-end amenities in commercial projects

Commercial real estate in India has been walking on tight ropes since the inception of the lockdowns and the work from home trends. Majority of the IT sectors of the world are continuing to work from home even when the Unlock is in progress for most of the cities but commercial real estate overall has picked up momentum owing to the rising number of vaccinations which gradually rebuilding faith in the hearts of the people. There is serious demand to upgrade and reinvent the commercial real estate projects in accordance to the changing times and needs but it might take a while for commercial real estate to revert back to the way things previously were.

Different types of high-end amenities at commercial projects

High-end amenities can include the following:

  • First and foremost, unmitigated cleaning and sanitization protocols
  • Installation of contactless access to the building
  • Thermal screening of all people at the entry
  • Gym and open spaces
  • Fast-food and dining options
  • Indoor gaming arcades are known to enhance productivity and plays an important role in team-building
  • Adequately designed meeting spaces and conference rooms
  • Provision for hassle-free parking
  • Strict security protocols
  • Strong Wi-Fi connectivity

Why are they Important?

When it comes to distinguishing the good commercial projects from the better ones, it always comes down to the quality of infrastructure and the distinctive accessible amenities that lighten up the working environment and increases the potential for improved output from the staff. The availability of high-end amenities is the certain proof of quality work and improves the brand image of your company or business. A different approach to productivity via varied work environments can show tremendous results by improving the internal and external communication which in turn improves the understanding amongst the staff. It can also lead to a massive surge of ideas and high-end amenities helps businesses attract and motivates the staff to work harder with proper care towards their mental well-being, which is crucial considering everything that’s been going on.

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