Tips and tricks to make your home monsoon-ready!

Monsoons are here, giving us a much-needed break from the summer’s heat and high temperatures. These pleasant showers have turned everything around into a green canvas. With mildly cool mornings, soft drizzles, and a cup of chai, you have cracked the perfect rainy morning code. Unfortunately for us, the monsoon, with its showers of blessings, also brings along worries, especially for house-owners. These minimal issues, if ignored, can result in disasters. And we wouldn’t want that. We, therefore, bring some handy tips to make your home monsoon ready.

Say no to leakages and cracks:

Cracks and irregularities, especially on your home’s outer structure, are dangerous. If rainwater seeps in through the cracks during the season, they enlarge and end up creating more significant problems, potentially damaging your valuables. Take a quick tour of the outside of your house and check for cracks and openings on your walls, terrace, and roof, if any. Treat them with wall-putty before the season sets in, and give them ample time to dry.

Paint to waterproof:

After filling in existing cracks and irregularities, the next step would be to coat the walls with a layer of waterproof paints and additional protection. This primarily works best for the outer walls and protects them against water seepage. A bonus is that you have a house that looks bright and fresh and stands out against the gloomy, dull skies.

Shed your open areas:

If you have any open areas and balconies in and around your house, shed them. Opt for temporary measures that provide a roof to these areas. In the case of existing sheds and sheltered areas, keep an eye out for holes or cracks and get them repaired beforehand. This will prevent the accumulation of water and protect your home.

Check your drainages:

Ensure that your drainages are cleaned for a smooth outflow of accumulated water. This will prevent clogging and, in turn, protect your home against leakages and seeping water. Standing, accumulated rainwater is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Ensure you fix the drainage pipes in areas like your terrace or balcony to prevent infections.


Get your wiring checked:

The most crucial step to rainproof your house. Look out for loose, unattended live wires around your home and get them fixed. Get faulty wires and equipment treated, and check for problems with unearthing. Do not ignore any instances of shocks, no matter how minor. Pay heed to these matters, and avoid short circuits and power failure, which could result in high losses.

Adopting these steps will keep your house monsoon ready and save you from additional stress. A few more points to note are:

  • Roll up your carpets
  • Get your wooden flooring waxed and keep it dry
  • Clean your furniture with a dry cloth when dusting
  • Relocate your plants to spots where they continue to flourish
  • Adopt pest control measures for attacks against termites, fungus, and moulds


We hope these steps will help you safeguard your homes against monsoon woes. Seek professional help wherever required for long-standing, efficient solutions to your problems. As the rains pick up their pace, these tips will ensure you have a healthy, safe, and serene place to enjoy the season.

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