Types of Interior Designs to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal! Part-I

Designing and decorating your dream home is an exciting process. The interiors of your home significantly impact your life. Choosing the right style for your space goes a long way in helping you and your guests feel more comfortable in your surroundings. Your aesthetic choices play an important role in creating a sense of freedom and privacy in your home. Lastly, your interiors are there in your home for a long time. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand and choose the right type of interior for your home.

Interior designs and trends are numerous and constantly changing. While some of them are passing trends, others are everlasting. Each design has its own set of unique furnishings, decorations, lighting, and other elements that contribute to its special appearance. Let’s dive right in and understand the different types of Interior designs that enhance and add value to your home.

Minimalist Interiors

The first on the list and a style currently ruling the interior designing world. Minimalism is defined by a sense of functionality and ultra-clean lines, and this style lives up to its name. “Less is more” is the motto this style lives by.

Minimalist interiors take notions of modern design and simplify them further. The colour palettes are neutral and airy, and the furnishings are simple and streamlined. No element or piece used as accessories or décor is excessive or flamboyant.

Modern Interiors

Modern is a broad term which usually refers to a home with clean and crisp lines, a simple colour palette, and the use of metal, glass and steel materials in design.

This design style employs a sense of simplicity in every element, including furniture and décor pieces. Sleek is the mantra that describes the modern style, and there is not a lot of clutter or accessories involved in a home of this design.

Contemporary Interiors

Modern and contemporary styles are often used interchangeably but differ in style and patterns. Contemporary designs are based on the here and now.


Whilst modern designs are a strict interpretation of design that started in the 20th century, contemporary style is more fluid and current, with less adherence to one particular style. The contemporary style borrows from various periods and creates an environment fit to last a lifetime.

The designs reflect sleek and simple space. Different features like detailed mouldings on walls and windows, open layouts, contemporary furniture and clean lines are used to create a distinct space which gives a light and airy feel. Materials like metal and glass are used for their light-reflecting properties. On the other hand, neutral colour palettes are the most common feature for contemporary designs, used to create the perfect luxury modern interior.

Traditional Interiors

Traditional design style offers classic details, sumptuous furnishings, and many accessories. Dark, finished wood, a rich colour palette, a variety of textures and curved lines and classic pieces distinguish this style.

The traditional style uses furnishings with elaborate and ornate details and fabrics with various patterns and textures like velvet, silk and brocade.

Most traditional designs have a lot of depth, layering and dimensionality that sets this timeless style apart from the rest.

Designing interior spaces has multifaceted characteristics. From carefully choosing the materials that reflect the individual to crafting a comfortable environment with the help of colours, the interiors of spaces’ encompasses many aspects. Choosing the right style goes a long.

These above-mentioned interior design styles aren’t all. The list is quite long. Let’s learn more about them in the next blog.

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