Which residential space is the perfect choice for you

Which residential space is the perfect choice for you?

Buying a home is not just an investment towards building an asset for the future, but a space for your family to grow and flourish. Every aspiring couple looks forward to their first home and spends extensive amounts of time deciding what kind of a space it should be, what should be the ideal location and so on. There are different kinds of residential properties available in the market and each comes with its own unique advantages.

Based on the diverse parameters that affect and improve your daily life, you can effectively decide which kind of property is perfect for you! Here are some of the different types of homes available and their benefits so you can make the right choice.

Studio Apartments

Studio Apartments are a very unique offering and are relatively rare as a preference amongst couples and families. Studio apartments are ideal for single individuals or couples who need an unfurnished and undeveloped space that they can personalise according to their needs. Studio apartments are also chosen by artists and designers who like create their own ‘work and play’ zone within the comfort of an apartment.

1 & 2 BHK Apartments

The most commonly preferred option amongst new couples as well as seasoned homeowners, 1 & 2 BHK Apartments are a convenient choice for a wide range of reasons. Being a part of a project or a township by a developer, these homes offer the comfort of community living. For new couples that are keen on starting a family, these homes offer the perfect balance between affordability and luxury. While 1 BHK apartments are certainly easier on the pocket, they can feel a little tight when you have relatives or other family members coming in.

That’s where 2 BHKs come in handy! 2 BHK apartments are also ideal for couples who have kids or are looking forward to have kids. The extra room not only adds more space but also enables family members to experience both privacy as well as togetherness.

One of the biggest advantages of living in an apartment complex is the availability of amenities. Most reputed developers offer a variety of amenities to relax and unwind without leaving your apartment complex. Facilities such as a club house to socialise, swimming pool or gymnasium to stay fit and a play area for kids definitely add value to your family life.

3 BHK apartments

3 BHK apartments fall under a higher price bracket but offer the luxury of space and privacy like no other. 3 BHK apartments are great for joint families who have more than one couple with kids residing under the roof. Such large families get the benefit of common spaces where different generations can come together, dine and socialise without compromising on the privacy factor.

Row houses

Another great option that is the perfect balance between luxury and space is row houses. Row houses give the comfort of living in your own plot with the additional advantage of enjoying all the amenities of an apartment complex. Row houses also allow individual family members to experience their own space while giving enough common areas to get together and enjoy togetherness.

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