5 reasons why commercial real estate is essential for startups’ success

5 reasons why commercial real estate is essential for startups’ success

The thrill of being an entrepreneur and having your own startup is a powerful motivator. Not only do you get to be your own boss and make the right decisions, but are also responsible for the growth of those who believe in your vision. While innumerable startups come and go, some manage to stay put through tough times and even become a recognisable brand in time. While there are several factors which contribute to the success of a startup, owning a commercial real estate is highly beneficial in the long term. Let’s find out the major reasons why commercial real estate is vital for a startup’s success.

Forget renting worries

Renting a commercial real estate comes with its own set of hassles. You have to worry about your rent going up or lease agreements changing. On the other hand, you are the boss of your own kingdom when you own commercial real estate. And as the leader of a startup, you can focus on growth & success instead of bothering with tedious paperwork for rent agreements.

Rising Rents can be expensive

While owning a commercial space will be a one-time investment, renting a commercial property is liable to yearly cost hikes. Also, in the case of some markets, renting can be more expensive in the long term. Buying property is almost always a better long-term investment and if you consider the moving costs and transportation woes, it can be a more feasible option in the short term as well.

Collateral for future growth

As a startup that’s just starting out, buying your own commercial space can be a huge advantage. This is because buying property is a long-term investment that allows you to build equity, which you can use as collateral for future growth. You can benefit from great ROI if you decide to sell in the future, as commercial real estate appreciates in value and gives solid returns that you can use to build further assets for your organisation.


Whether you are a startup owner or an individual looking forward to invest in property, the main goal of every investor is to achieve profitable and guaranteed returns on investment (ROI). Any return on investment can be considered in two ways; one is monetary returns and second, returns in terms of convenience, amenities & workspace fulfilment. Though later one matters, monetary returns are the main reason for any investments to happen in the first place. Therefore, as a startup, its necessary to choose a space that creates an impact in the minds of your collaborators and associates as well.

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