A Quick Guide to Creating a Sensorial Experience at Home

With the five senses, humans make better sense of the universe around them.


A home is where the heart is! A frequently used phrase in our everyday life,  but how does it stand true? It is certainly possible to elevate one’s living experience by incorporating changes for a holistic experience for all five human senses: sight, sound, scent, taste and touch. A home needn’t just be visually pleasing, they can be the ultimate haven of an appealing sensorial experience.

The strategy of crafting spaces that engage more than two senses is also used extensively by architects or interior designers, to create memorable experiences for the residents.

Here is a quick guide on creating an appeasing environment for yourself at home.

Sense of sight:

It is primarily the visual element in your house that makes you feel the most at home. You can carefully choose aesthetics to make your space a visual treat.  Experiment right from incorporating the right blends of colors, to intricately detailed textures, and cozy furnishings that incite a feeling of comfort and harmony. You can add beautiful potted plants, flowers or simply a fish tank indoors, adding to the charm of the house.

Use varied kinds of lighting for every mood. For instance, install soft, warm lights for late evenings, or opt for natural lighting in the day. Choose bright colors while working from home, meeting important clientele, or studying to maximize your productivity.

Sense of sound:

Acoustics in your house can truly uplift your mood. Even the flooring materials in the house have varying sound properties. A hard wood flooring will make the sound bounce off, some flooring echo sound, whereas the others absorb it. You must choose a suitable flooring type for the same. Moreover, you can play soft music or rejoice in the sounds of nature for a soothing experience. Be it an Indian classical track or Retro Hindi songs, it should truly be music to your ears. Do not hesitate from playing some Heavy Metal Rock for an energized morning!

Sense of taste

Unleash the Masterchef in you, or simply learn from a Masterchef online to cook irresistible delectables. Make sure to declutter your cooking or dining area for a convivial environment for an appetizing experience. Savour meals that tantalize your taste buds yet keep you healthy. You can also dedicate space for warm and cold drinks. Relishing a beverage of choice after a long day at work can truly do all the wonders!

Sense of smell

Smell is a powerful factor that appeals to our emotions. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee could truly pull you out of bed whereas scented candles can be very calming. For your interiors, opt for room fresheners or essence sticks (agarbatti) that boost your energy and promote happy living! Aromatherapy is another medium that pleases the olfactory senses. You can use essential oils for a rejuvenating atmosphere. For instance, using a lavender oil in the bedrooms or vanilla scent in the kitchen. You can also use freshly cut fragrant flowers or plants that evoke happiness.

Sense of touch

Be it snuggling in a warm blanket or reading a book in a cozy corner of your house. Depending on the season or any reason, install an air conditioner/cooler at the right place providing ample coolness to the room. You can also install a heater or build a fireplace, to add to the warmth of your house. Choose from a fine line of fabrics, linens, furniture and upholstery that add richness and are good to feel.

The thought of going home can be incredibly comforting especially when it provides a wonderful sensorial experience. The positive aspect is that we can make small changes or even big ones that contribute to a joyous environment.

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