Millennials Shape the Real Estate Landscape

India is witnessing a surge in the number of millenials proactively involved in investing and purchasing real estate property. With increasing disposable incomes, Millennials have shown a keen interest in owning a home. They strive to live a life of purpose in the place that offers the most!
From the layouts, to opting for homes that are ecologically conscious, there are a number of factors that they consider. Here are a list of some of these factors:

1. Millennials choose to reside in metro cities brimming with opportunities in employment and employment promising growth.

2. The highly digitized platforms over the Internet enable them to research in depth before purchasing a home. Nonetheless, home buying becomes
hassle-free with online documentation, virtual tours, feasible options for loans, user-friendly online property platforms of which a few offering legal services.

3. They prefer modern spaces with the finest amenities or “smart homes” equipped with electronic devices that can be easily remote controlled
even with a phone. This also includes installation of AI driven devices for more convenience.

4. The pandemic drastically transformed lives for Milennials. Consequently, led them to invest in real estate. Additionally, there is more demand for
spacious homes for an ideal “work from home” environment

5. Millenials have started opting more eco-friendly homes as they firmly believe in conscious living. For instance, in-built features like solar
panels, kitchen gardens, compost pits in the society, rainwater harvesting contribute better to ecological development

6. Another development is the increasing co-working and co-living spaces in the cities. A way of modern, flexible and safe community living. Moreover, co-working spaces have also gained popularity among people switching to remote work or jobs with flexible hours.

7. In terms of living amidst fellow residents, Milennials prefer exclusive living with an option yet community centric spaces encouraging social
interaction. “Choice” or “freedom” to socialize plays an important role in this decision.

With their demands, millenials have changed the tide of the real estate industry. This has led to ingenious advancements in the Real Estate milieu. Several companies have restrategised their projects and launched innovative projects incorporating elements tailored to the needs of the Millenials.

The property market has grown significantly and the participation of Milennials has truly redefined urban living.

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