Amenities for the win: Why having the right amenities within your complex is important!

Our busy urban lifestyles have been the root cause of a lot of stress. In the race to make our dreams come true, we have all often neglected our health and well-being. However, making sure that your wellness is perfectly taken care of is the need of time. It has become essential to filter out the unsolicited pressure from the society, and lead a quality life.

People have started to shift inwards, either by the means of yoga or a simple walk in the park and workout sessions at the gym. These have become mechanisms of pure escapism of the virtual world. Having a home, that comes with amenities that improve the quality of life, has thus become a matter of no compromise.

A quick jog, to strat off the day on a healthy note is what many of us dream of. And in this era of long drives this is the peak form of rejuvenation. Speaking of rejuvenation, what better than a club house, where you can indulge in some indoor games and is also a great place to socialize.

A party lawn is yet another  perfect example of how a community oriented amenity can bind people together as a society, and bring them together on various occasions to celebrate life. No apartment complex today is complete without these conventional amenities.

Imagine what bliss it is to have a home with the right amound of green spaces around is to live for! Add to it a sit-out garden and an open air amphitheatre! The fresh air you feel here at night or early mornings brings ina new lease of life  in this chaotic city life. Saving the best for the last, a swimming pool,  for the ones who believe that pool time is the best form water therapy. Ah! To experience all these at one place is a dream for many.

But rejuvenation and relaxation isn’t the only reason why you should invest in a home with the right amenities. Here are a few more reasons to add to the list:

  • Convenience: A home that provides you all the amenities like the party lawn, swimming pool, yoga centre and walking track at your door step saves your time and your energy invested in commute and also other costs.
  • Promotes wellness: A place that provides such amenities provokes people to take a step towards a better lifestyle and help in enhancing one’s health.
  • Enhances your value: A beautiful place with a wide range of amenities helps in enhancing the value of life and your property. You are more likely to get a better price for re-selling a home with additional amenities.

A home with unique and modern amenities, will help you enhance your value for life. Access to the facilities customized exclusively for people elevates lifestyle and standard of living like no other.

To cater such a exclusive and premium lifestyle, that contributes to your well-being is what we at Pyramid Lifestyle aim at. With exquisite amenities, easy accessibilities and modern features we craft perfect homes. Pyramid Atlante 2 & 3 BHK homes at Wakad, designed exclusively for a luxurious lifestyle, come with a host of amenities for your wellness and happiness. Follow us on our social media handles and watch out for more updates on these homes. To know more about us and our proejcets,visit

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