Martech in Real Estate: The way forward!

The rapidly evolving digital landscape has revolutionized marketing across industries. One of its most significant developments, however, has been the emergence of Martech solutions in the marketing landscape, which have provided new mediums, channels, and media types for marketers to connect with their target audience.


The real estate industry, one of the highest marketing spenders in India, has been at the forefront of adopting Martech solutions in the country. Through the effective use of Martech solutions, the industry has witnessed improved conversion rates, amplified marketing ROI and also enhanced customer experiences for a product that’s comparatively difficult to sell.


The first step of Martech in the real estate sector was the advent of technology-based portals. It created newer, dedicated channels for real estate companies and reduced the consumer’s dependency on brokers for any information on any project. There on, multiple such disruptions have been created through dedicated platforms for the use of customers and industry personnel.


Technology has helped companies enhance their sales and marketing for more efficient and productive results. While implementing a comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaign and managing multiple channels can be challenging, Martech has eased the way for this. New-age companies are exploring tech solutions to optimize advertising budgets in the real estate business and optimize real-time advertising expenditures for maximum impact.


Another revolutionary change brought in by Martech is the birth of sales automation platforms powered by machine learning. Predictive analysis using these platforms can provide actionable insights for better engagement. The use of integrated chatbots to initiate initial conversations with leads has helped save the time and effort of the sales team. This sales automation enhances efficiency, thus resulting in increased output and improved performance.


The entry of Virtual reality (VI) and 3D modelling has also brought significant innovation to the real estate industry. Using VR to offer consumers a superior experience to physical site visits has been the way forward, ever since COVID. These virtual site visits allow consumers to envision the property at different times of the day, and provide a comprehensive understanding of its features. This enables builders to showcase yet-to-be-built spaces and provides a virtual living experience for buyers, saving time and costs for both parties.


In real estate, it is essential to connect with a prospective client at the right moment to drive higher engagement and improve the chance of sales. With new-age marketing software, sales executives can track the complete brand interactions, either online or offline, of a client, send automated personalized email/SMS based on any pre-set event, and personalize content for a client. This personalized content automation, allows them to engage with the prospective client and enhance their brand experience which will translate to sales.


The real estate market in India has been one of the fastest-growing markets in the country. Using Martech solutions will further open new growth opportunities and enhance customer experience.


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