GPRA: A beginner’s guide to the E-Sampada system

General Pool Residential Accommodation is that the central government’s scheme to supply residential accommodation to eligible central government employees. These are under the administration of the Directorate of Estates in Delhi and are allotted consistent with the provisions laid down within the Allotment of state Residences Rules, 1963, in Delhi and 31 stations outside the capital including Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, etc.

In order to supply affordable homes to its employees, the central government maintains a pool of housing units, which is allotted supported eligibility, requirement and vacancies. To make it easier for state employees to use accommodations, the Union Housing Ministry has launched the e-Sampada portal.

What is E-Sampada?

E-Sampada was launched by the housing and urban affairs minister in 2020. It is a portal and mobile app which provides a solo platform for all services regarding allotment of state residential accommodations, office spaces and booking of holiday homes across 28 cities. This provision allows users to submit documents, appear for virtual hearing and lodge complaints to all or any Indian residents. The portal allows transparent and accountable allocation, retention, regularization and no dues certificates as an enhancement to e-governance.

Who is Eligible?

If you’re a government employee in Delhi, your location must be approved by the cupboard Committee on Accommodation (CCA) and will be located within the boundary of NCT.

If you’re a government employee outside Delhi, your application requires approval by CCA which shall be forwarded to the Directorate post-approval of joint secretary that carries all information regarding the status of the office and eligibility from another pool.

For employees in government offices already having a departmental residential accommodation pool, also are eligible to use for the overall pool after they need to submit a certificate that states ‘no junior to the applicant has been given successively allotment’ from the department pool, failing which their application will get rejected.

What is the Allotment Procedure?

Allotments under the GPRA are supported a ‘Unified Waiting List’ for a specific sort of accommodation. In this role, all applicants, including those expecting initial allotment, also as a change of accommodation, are clubbed together. The allotments are made, supported by their date of priority and seniority. Each applicant gets two allotments in each sort of accommodation, i.e., initial and alter.

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