Real estate response to construction workers during COVID-19

Real estate response to construction workers during COVID-19

Lately, India has been facing, to say the very least, a bad time with the second wave peaking but with the imposition of strict lockdowns in most states and vaccinations, the scenario will change at a slow pace with considerate precautions. Most economies were on their recovery path and due to the lockdowns have been slowed down and the real-estate sector is no different but with war experience from the first wave, industries have adapted to the new reality.

Construction worker’s migration and living

In spite of all issues faced during this year of the pandemic, humans only know to adapt, grow and make better decisions. The markets originally had reopened partially post July 2020, and construction work resumed gradually. The revival of the industry was on its way but the sudden outbreak of the second wave of the pandemic has made matters worse. Once again, the construction workers are heading range in the fear of a lockdown and therefore the housing and infrastructure projects have been affected.

What is the real estate industry doing to help them?

The government has permitted the working on construction sites with definite precautions. As per the regulated standard of the procedure, the construction sites needed to have thermal scanners at the entry and exit gates and the premises needed to be disinfected twice a day, and constant health checkups are taken care of. Proper arrangements for hand sanitization have been made and staggered lunch breaks are provided to the staff. Real-estate developers have taken all the measures at providing food and shelter to the workers and have controlled the migration activity and therefore the impact on the economy this time would be smaller in comparison to last year thanks to the gained knowledge over this dreadful year.

At Pyramid Lifestyle, we believe in providing equal support to our workers as we do to our customers. Regardless of the pandemic, our workers have entrusted their faith in us and have been working to make ends meet and ensure that their families are healthy, safe & secure. It is our humble duty to ensure that the workers get what they deserve and our entire Pyramid family supports them with all our hearts. To know more about who we are and what we do, visit and do visit our site to check out how well our workers are doing.

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