Home Cleanliness Hacks: Easy ways to keep your home clean!

We’ve always been taught from our childhood that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ and we’ve quite turned that philosophy into a blind spot. Well, today, it is the need of the hour and a basic necessity considering the pandemic situation. While there are people who still follow this philosophy religiously, there are a few who flagrantly ignore its importance. The COVID situation has indeed turned us all to look after the hygiene of the house as essentially as we look after our health. The household chores are not limited to any gender these days. Anybody who cares for their home well enough is equally responsible to keep their place of living, clean and tidy.

In this article, we would be talking about how and why to keep our home clean. It might seem a bit preachy talking about such stuff, but this can be fun if we do it the right way.

Rule #1: Share your tasks

It is very important these days in a nuclear family where both, the husband and the wife are working, to divide their chores equally. They can very well take turns when it comes to sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting the floor, or doing the dishes. Just as teamwork works in a corporate setup, it works in a family too.

Rule #2: Do not divide the rooms

When you share tasks, ensure that you divide them based purely on tasks and not based on rooms. It is obvious that the living room and the bedroom do not have the same level of mess. So, when you divide based on tasks, you save time and do not waste time doing a single task in a single room.

Rule #3: Ensure your kid plays on a clean floor

If you have a toddler at home, make sure that the floor is swept, mopped, every day. An infant has the habit to eat stuff fallen on the floor and they somehow think that the floor is their plate. Well, we can’t stop them from growing up, but we can definitely ensure they grow in a safe place.

Rule #4: Clean the bathrooms

The task that seems the easiest ends up being one of the most dreaded ones. It is always a good plan to do it before you go in for a bath so that you do not have to repeat the cleaning process with yourself.

Rule #5: Clean the kitchen well

While most of us love to watch the cookery shows, we see the chefs saying, ‘clean table means clean soul’ sort of philosophy. A study has proven that when your kitchen is clean, it elevates your appetite and the food looks even more inviting than before.


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