Housing Trends that influence homebuying

Housing Trends that influence homebuying

The ever-evolving real estate industry today offers a variety of options for various kinds of homebuyers. However, with time, certain trends are setting in homebuying leading to changes in the dynamics of the real estate industry. As the consumer is evolving, so is the industry by offering the best possible services. Let’s have a look at what are the current trends and how they are influencing various elements of homebuying.

Stamp Duty Norms

A recent announcement by the state government of Maharashtra is adding more fuel to boost real estate sales. The state government decided to cut the stamp duty on property transactions to revive the pandemic hit economy. Revised stamp duty has been curtailed by 1% making it 5% of the previous 6%. This curtailment has been reflecting a lot of changes in the homebuying trend as people are trying to avail the recently announced benefit.

New Amenities

New projects are being constructed all across that are embellished with their state-of-the-art amenities. Some of the latest projects are offering homes with kitchen gardens or organic gardens that is adding more value to the newly constructed homes. Exclusive technologically supported amenities like Wi-Fi homes, in-house lift call button, fully modern kitchens, automated lighting and other such are making their ways to newly developed projects. 

Construction Methodologies

The pollution caused by previous construction methods was quite alarming. The evolution of technology, in this case, has also helped the real estate industry derive new ways of construction that are absolutely eco-friendly. Living in such sustainable structures definitely instills a sense of pride and offers a graceful living. Eco-friendly homes are true inventions that are helping everyone progress towards a better future and owning one such home is a matchless experience.

Demand for workstations           

The pandemic has compelled everyone to adapt to the new normal which demands social distancing and other hygiene parameters. The new normal also has made the world work from home which is also demanding new essentials at home like – workstations. The need for building a workstation at home has gone up owing to the current scenarios and to increase work efficiency. For this, having customizable spaces and projects offering such functionality are gaining popularity and are getting more demand as compared to others.

Best time to invest or buy

Where the pandemic slowed down the world, it also affected the real estate industry. Homebuying stalled for a while and is gradually picking up pace. One of the major reasons for this speed drop in sales has been an unprecedented pandemic crisis. The arrival of new builders and developers has been acting as a catalyst for the decrease in prices and has been acting very beneficial for homebuyers. Owing to current trends, it makes this time the best time to buy a home or invest for wealth growth.

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