Moving homes when you own pets

Moving homes when you own pets

Relocating to a new place is a tedious task. In addition to the list – when you own pets, it can become more pounding. Pets can be unpredictable, weird, violent or anything that they wish to be in a new situation or distasteful one. Handling them needs special attention and care in such instances. In this blog, we are going to have a look at what factors can help you make a swift relocation with your beloved pets.


When planning for relocation, one must start the process a few days earlier than decided to keep a margin for errors or to have a breathing space as it can be a tedious task. This list would also include preparing for your pet’s shift as well. The preparation starts with equipping the relocation of your pet with assembling an ‘overnight kit’. The kit must include essentials like dog food, kitty litter, toys, grooming tools, extra leash, blanket, water bowls and other items. This will make it easy for setting up a base at the new place. Your pet’s vet can also be consulted once before switching to a new place. If the pet needs any medications, the vet can help make it easier. Also, going to site visits along with your pet will give you a fair idea of whether or not the place you wish to move in is pet-friendly or not. 

New Temporary Base camp

Your pet must travel along with you to the new house. Moving to a new place for the first time can make them cranky at times. To make them comfortable, they should be accustomed to the environment and surroundings. The first thing to be done should be setting up his mini base at a safe distance from the house or shifting area. It can be dangerous for the pet to play around or be around the area where heavy items will be shifted. 

Frequent Attention

Shifting to a new place may attract new pets or dogs around and can cause friction. On the brighter side, pets can also love the new place and meeting new friends around. One must keep a watch at the same and also check for a pet’s essential needs like food and other processes. New pets in the vicinity can make the residing ones anxious. Proper care to tackle such instances should be on one’s list while shifting to a new place.

Adaptation & Awareness

After shifting to a new place, your pet may take several days to adapt to the new location, climate, people and other such elements. One must try to help the pet with the new area, take out for frequent walks, and roam around in the area to make the pets familiar with the surroundings. Doing such an exercise on a regular basis helps the pet register the area properly in mind. Such preparation helps them come back home even after losing them by any random chance. Pets, who know the area well, easily return in scenarios of confusion.

At Pyramid Lifestyle, we make sure that every project we build makes it easy for you to live with your loved ones. Be it for our spacious homes or world-class amenities, there’s always room for the four-legged family member, popularly known as “Pets” and they too deserve to have a luxurious life just like you.

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