Role of kids in homebuying

Role of kids in homebuying

Believe it or not, kids play a significant role (even for those who don’t have any or planning to have one) in buying a home. As adults, we have that level of maturity and understanding to adjust and adapt to the surroundings and make certain lifestyle changes. But, kids are innocent and they whine when the environment where they live, is not favorable enough as per their likes and dislikes. This blog gives you a detailed view of how kids influence homebuying for adults and what are the factors that we need to consider.

Proximity to school

The first and foremost requirement for every individual as parents is a school for their children. They would not want to send their kids to some far-off location that would consume a tremendous amount of time. Proximity to school is one of the major parameters that can make or break a deal for a parent.

Numerous projects these days highlight this facility as an advantage to attract more home buyers with kids because one of the major concerns for parents is the safety of their kids while they are away working. Along with safety, the quality of education also matters the most to them. There are various schools with CBSE and ICSE boards offering the best education rendered by some of the most experienced faculties in the industry. Considering today’s situation, sending their kids to school might be a secondary thing, but school is still important for them. Looking for schools that also offer the best online education is also a new requirement that has emerged, courtesy of the pandemic. So, with children not going to school for more than 10 months now, they are obviously looking out for something better to do in their society/home. so, what are the other parameters that parents look at while buying a home?

Inclusion of kids’ play area

The parents might be struggling to make a simple phone call at work (in their current Work From Home mode) with their kids in the house yelling on top of their voice or watching TV on full volume. Having a separate WFH room isn’t enough in such conditions. The kids need their own space to channel their energy. So, if a project is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and kids’ play area along with 24×7 surveillance worrying about the safety of their kids is off the minds of parents. While many parents lookout for a two-in-one kind of project where there’s something for the kids as well as adults, having a kids’ play area has to be ticked off from their list first, and the rest will follow automatically. It’s not just playing that the kids are interested in these days. They need space to play indoor as well as outdoor activities. Therefore, having a clubhouse for kids and a kids’ swimming pool can change the whole equation for parents while looking to buy a home.

At Pyramid Lifestyle, we believe that kids light up the whole environment inside as well as outside the home. So, creating projects that are loved by kids is what we do best. With world-class amenities and an ultramodern clubhouse in every project, we can mildly guarantee that even adults become kids here and enjoy the lifestyle they have chosen.

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