Perks of staying close to malls!

Perks of staying close to malls!

Though COVID restrictions have been taken off for a while now, it is still uncertain if these are temporary or permanent. The places of entertainment and nightlife seem to have gained a scanty ray of hope due to this decision but it would be too early to celebrate (pun, intended). The new strain of virus seems to be lost in transit and people are still finding new ways to go out and relax, chill, unwind with their loved ones. This blog will elaborate on the various advantages of having entertainment and nightlife places in your vicinity.



There’s no better way of saying this, but staying close to malls saves a tremendous amount of time. To all those who spend half of their day’s time commuting from one place to another swerving through traffic snarls, living in a home that’s close to shopping and entertainment zones, gives you a different kind of joy. With such an advantage, you can tell your friends and family that you are indeed living in the heart of the city.



A recent study by IIT-Bombay suggests that more than half of the people visiting shopping malls in the city do so for reasons other than shopping. A fifth of mall-goers (21.5%) go there for leisure, the study showed. One out of eight visitors (12.5%) goes to watch movies and one out of nine (9.2%) visits food courts. The study also found that about 30% of mall-goers prefer taking their cars, found the study published in the journal Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour.

So, if you are either one of them and you love visiting the nearest mall for reasons other than shopping, do not feel disheartened. You still have the advantage of living close to a place that you can go to in minutes while people from other parts of the city take hours to visit.



Often, people tend to forget the name of the place you live because it doesn’t remind them of anything special about it. Now, add a little advantage of a renowned mall in your postal address. BOOM! It becomes their favorite go-to place. They will bookmark your address because it is a landmark that the whole city knows.

That’s yet another plus point of living near to entertainment and nightlife places. Your home would become the epicenter of house parties. Your home would always keep buzzing with friends and family who would want to spend some time with you and then go watch a movie or grab a bite at a restaurant in the mall.

At Pyramid Lifestyle, we consider all these aspects of proximity and ensure that your living experience in our homes is effortless and stress-free. All our projects are thoughtfully located close to your shopping malls, entertainment and nightlife zones so that you do not have to worry about wasting your time commuting long distances or going to unknown places.


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