Parks & Parking Spaces: The needs of a common man

Parks & Parking Spaces: The needs of a common man!

In a typical Indian middle-class family setting, while buying a home, the needs of the working member of the family and the children are kept on top of the mind. Though the working circumstances have changed drastically now and WFH seems to be the future, stepping out of your home means only one thing – you want to break free from the mundane. Now that the restrictions are relaxed and guests have started to visit, the parking space for the guest’s vehicle and recreation spaces for the children to let the adults chat in peace seems to be a major concern. This blog talks in length about the importance of parks and parking spaces that can either make or break a deal.


Parking space – The rare & precious gem

Let’s admit it. Getting ample parking space feels as good as stretching your legs on a deck chair by the beach overlooking the sunset. Finding a parking space that gives you such a feeling is quite rare, and even if you find one, the amount you have to pay is hefty. While some builders offer multi-level parking space for the entire project, the provision for getting that extra space is scarce. The homebuyer has to negotiate profoundly to get that when there’s no “Guest Parking” space available in the project. Looking at the current demographics of home buyers in India, a family of 4 members means each member owns a vehicle and a single parking space won’t suffice. The guests can keep dreaming in that case.

The global parking management market size is expected to grow from USD 3.8 billion in 2020 to USD 5.4 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.4% during the forecast period. So, if anybody feels that parking space is not such a serious issue, these statistics will be enough to keep them occupied with some worthy thinking. While the adults are busy discussing numbers and sipping their drinks, the children should be kept busy somehow. That’s why the need for parks comes in.


Parks – Breaking free from the online curriculum

While children might be exhausted from attending online classes, sitting in one place for hours and straining their eyes, they too need an escape route. If the project has a children’s play area or a kids’ park where they can take a break and enjoy their free time, there’s nothing like it. Some kids might prefer playing games on smartphones, but the pandemic has taught them one thing for sure – the importance of stepping outside and enjoying for REAL!

The kids today might not truly understand the joy of walking in the sand for the first time; making sandcastles by themselves, making paper boats and watching them sail in the puddle. These nostalgic moments are all connected deeply with the parents, who try their best to instill those memories in today’s kids, but escaping the tight grip of technology is a herculean task. When we look at the parks today, it feels nothing like those in the past. Every project has a personal amusement park, sort of a thing, and that’s very useful when there are families with kids, plus, guests with kids. The cricket ground is huge. The badminton and tennis courts are vast. The clubhouse with indoor games puts brains alongside brawns. So, the need for a park is quite justified in this context.


At Pyramid Lifestyle, we believe that parking space is the most basic, yet paramount requirement one can have. Keeping that in mind, we have designed our residential and commercial spaces so that there’s ample parking space for self as well as for the guests. When it comes to parks, as we covered a point in our previous blog about children playing a crucial role in home-buying decisions. Parks play a huge role in making those children think of living in a place that gives them that mind space.


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