The Digital Landscape: Real Estate Industry in the digital world!

Ever since the internet has become a thing, it has swept the world with a wave of change and has become the 5th element of nature (quite dramatically). As of today, we are so dependent on the internet that if the world goes through an internet blackout just for 5 minutes, the impact would be at par with a natural disaster. Humans live amidst two planes of existence at once, the offline and the digital plane. Digitization of almost everything has changed how we do the most basic activities and brings the whole world to the edge of our fingertip.

Changing the Real Estate Industry

Most businesses have learned to adapt to this changing trend and have shifted their focus on gaining a reputation in the digital world. The real estate sector, no different from the rest, has taken steps to expand its audience base and reach out to people with apt use of digital marketing. Digital marketing allows utmost precision while selecting your target audience and improves the visibility of your brand. It shows the ads only to those that come under the specific criteria and enables you to track and improve on your campaigns for a better output. It helps you reach out to the right audience on a device of their convenience quite easily. The concept of digital marketing exists to simplify the overall user experience for you.

Especially since the pandemic, the inflow of users on the digital plane has gone through manifold stages of evolution, and the average time spent online has increased extensively. Due to multiple lockdowns, people grew sick of staying in their same old congested homes, and a demand for quality and spacious homes increased. To make good use of this opportunity, a few visionary builders introduced the concept of virtual tours that allowed potential customers to check out the detailed specifications of their projects from the comfort of their homes.

What Does the Future Look Like?

It is an undeniable fact that we use the internet for literally everything. From reviews about unknown restaurants to finding your way home in an unknown city, we are desperately hooked on the internet. Roughly 30% of the total sales come via digital platforms such as social media, real estate portals, and search engines. Indian homebuyers are maturing digitally by the day and prefer conducting detailed online research before making a decision. This trend was active even before COVID-19, but the pandemic boosted the adoption of digital marketing techniques.

Though offline marketing still has a good impact on real estate sales, it is no hidden fact that the rate at which digital marketing is scaling, and will soon overtake the traditional marketing methods and be the dominant form of marketing.


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