Mirror, mirror, ‘where’ on the wall? Vaastu tips for placing mirrors!

Our world is indeed a mysterious place. All of us are trying to find purpose on a blue ball floating in space. It’s not wrong to ask a few questions about our existence as long as you’re okay with not finding an answer. There’s just so much that’s been going on that we can hardly comprehend. Amidst all this chaos, we are here trying to make something of our lives. Buy a home, get married, work your way to retirement is the usual blueprint for most. But what if there exists something that we might not understand completely but if we follow it right, it could be beneficial for us all. Does it ring a bell?

Significance of Vaastu Science

In simple terms, Vaastu Shastra is the science of direction that combines the five natural energies with architecture and creates a positive environment. It helps you make use of the energies to their best possible extent. It brings harmony into your lives and attracts positive energy to your homes. A majority of people tend to dismiss the effects of Vaastu Shastra as a superstition but it is, in fact, an ancient architectural science with its own rules and patterns. In recent times, Vaastu science has been getting tremendous attention all over the world owing to the evident benefits it offers. Vaastu is not voodoo magic that will alter the threads of your destiny. It can multiply the good things in your life or help you minimize the bitter situations, depending on its application.

Vaastu Tips for Placing Mirrors

  • Never place two mirrors opposite to each other. It creates negative energies in your home space.
  • Mirrors should always be placed on the northern or eastern wall of your home as any other direction attracts negative energies
  • Ensure that the placement of the mirror is at least 4 feet from the ground. Ensure that none of your body parts are reflected in a mirror.
  • Irregularly shaped mirrors are a big no. Rectangular or square-shaped mirrors are the most auspicious choice. Circular and oval-shaped ones should be avoided.
  • The reflection on the mirror dictates the direction of its placement. If you have a beautiful view, place a mirror opposite to the view as it attracts positivity.
  • A mirror in your dining room is considered quite auspicious. It improves health and attracts prosperity into your family.
  • Ensure that the mirrors are always clean and the reflections are always clear. If you place a mirror opposite to the cash locker in your home, it multiplies the wealth coming into your family. You can also place a small mirror inside your locker.
  • Always prefer placing the mirror in your washroom in the north or east wall. Always place the mirror in a well-lit part of the washroom.
  • Mirrors on the wall must always be flat and not hanging and avoid placing mirrors near staircases


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