The standard real estate FAQs!

Often in a real estate industry, the people working in it are surrounded by those who have innumerable questions about a lot of things. Be it for the size, developer, location, and so many other things. The real estate developers address every query, but there are times when the questions are so redundant, they need to be classified under several segments. And that’s how FAQs came into existence. Here are some of the standard sets of FAQs that often arise in the real estate industry.

Most of the time, it’s about the developer and why the customer has to choose them.

Why should I choose a property from XYZ builders?

The answer to this FAQ lies in the capabilities of the real estate developer. They have to list out all the “Reasons To Believe” that the customers find believable. The list can have the following:

  • Number of years in business
  • Size of space delivered
  • Size of space developed
  • Types of services the company provides
  • Their presence in various cities/states/countries
  • Grievance redressal time
  • Number of customers

All these points help the customer entrust their faith in the brand and make them believe that the real estate developer has goodwill in the industry and if you invest here, you won’t be disappointed.

The customers, most of the time, also need clarity about the property size

What is the carpet area/built-up area/super-built-up area?

The real estate industry is hounded by jargon that many customers find conniving, but the companies that address the issues with sheer transparency are the ones who gain the customers’ trust. Speaking of the property size, the customers often seek details about –

  • Carpet area
  • Built-up area
  • Super-built-up area
  • Room sizes
  • Parking space
  • Type of unit

When the customer asks about the size, the next question is often about the price. When the customers calculate the price per sq.ft, they often calculate it based on their budget. If it exceeds their pocket size, they tend to choose a project that fits their budget.

What are the finance options available?

When it comes to retaining a customer, real estate developers often try as much as they can to do it with attractive finance schemes, reduction in stamp duty, maintenance charges, property tax, the bank offers on reduced home loan interest rates, down payments, EMIs, and so on.

When the customer feels that he/she is up for it, the next question that haunts them is about the convenience and it is predominantly related to the location. They often check on the following –

  • What are the amenities at the project?
  • Is it close to my kid’s school/college?
  • Is it close to my workplace?
  • Water & electricity available 24×7?
  • Are there any malls, hospitals, banks, ATMs nearby?
  • Are there any hangout spots nearby?

When these questions are answered, the customers feel that they are now ready to make the big decision of buying a property, unless one doubt is cleared.

Is the project RERA approved?

Most of the real estate developers today are bound to adhere to RERA and that gives them the upper hand to claim the kind of credibility they deserve. When the customers feel that the developer’s property is RERA approved, you are then stress-free that you won’t be conned.

Finally, you get to ask the question about possession

When is the possession date?

Most of the people who intend to buy a property, end up being the end-users. Some, who buy a property as an investment aren’t really worried about the possession date, but for the customers, here’s the kind of details they would be interested to know –

  • When can I move in?
  • Will there be any delays in possession?

Apart from these major questions, customers do have many other questions that cannot be actually categorized under one common section, but they are miscellaneous in nature such as

  • How is the lease agreement created?
  • How is stamp duty decided?
  • How are maintenance charges calculated?
  • How does property valuation help?
  • What are the income tax considerations while transferring newly acquired property?
  • What constitutes the conclusion of the sale of a property?
  • Which documents are required to buy property in India?
  • Which properties are NRIs / PIOs not allowed to buy in India?

At Pyramid Lifestyle, we are determined to address every query of the customers, be it for buying or investing in a residential or commercial property. Our wide range of properties strategically located in Baner, Bhukum & Wakad adds to your advantage in ways more than one. If you still have any questions, please visit and we will be more than happy to answer!

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