Tips to maximize your space in 2 BHK

Tips to maximize your space in 2 BHK

Indian homes especially in metro cities are mostly made up of compact spaces. They are unusually cramped up for a family of 4, or even 5, to live in a 2 BHK apartment which is sometimes overburdened with accessories and furniture. These extras get accumulated over the years and occupy most of the carpet area allotted to your home. Maximizing the potential of each square feet becomes critical and just because an area seems small, doesn’t mean you can’t make use of the space to its best extent! Optimizing any room comes with its challenges, but when you’re dealing with a particularly small space, you may need to be clever to get the most out of the room you have.

Challenges faced in cramped spaces

While a small apartment can be cozy, the flip side is that it runs out of storage space quickly and there’s no room to spare. Growing children always need a lot of open space to play around. The Indian families predominantly are anything but minimalists so there’s usually tons of extra stuff lying around unnecessarily, cramping up your living spaces. This pile-up degrades the aesthetic appeal of your home. The pandemic forced most of us to stay inside in our homes which created a demand for spacious homes. If you wish to make your home look spacious, you’re definitely not alone in this struggle. Here are some insightful tips that help you to optimize your spaces well.

Tips to maximize space in a 2 BHK

  • Look for bed designs that offer additional storage spaces
  • Create an illusion of space with the planned use of mirrors
  • Use neutral tones of color because it can lead us into thinking there’s more space because of its coherence with natural light
  • Designate certain baskets in your closets for adequate and systematic use of space
  • Adapt to multi-purpose furniture like sofa beds
  • Make proper use of the vertical spaces in your home with wall mounts and vertical shelving
  • Make effective use of the space behind doors
  • Make sure that your home is well-lit that match the color tones
  • Create personalized zones according to your convenience
  • Make use of indoor plants to liven up the spaces and improve the air quality of your homes

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