Why are tenancy certificates getting extinct?

Our country is home to diverse people, cultures and heritage structures. One such amalgamation of people, cultures and history is the city of Pune. The city is currently thriving as one of the country’s most prominent corporate and education hubs and has witnessed a rise in tenant culture in the past few decades. Students and working professionals from other parts of the country have made this hub their home owing to the growing opportunities.

With this growing population, the issue of safe and affordable housing persists and needs to be addressed. Many migrants to the city prefer staying on rent to save money. Needless to say, this comes with its own set of concerns, especially over entrusting homes to trustworthy tenants. This is why police verification of the tenants plays a vital role in your safety. Before moving to tenancy certificates, let us first understand what police verification is.

What is the Tenant Police Verification?

Under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 188, all landlords must undertake police verification for renting out their properties. The section covers order violations as declared by any public servant, and convicts are punishable with simple imprisonment for a tenor, which may go up to one month or a monetary fine of Rs.200. If something goes wrong with the tenant or any illegal activity takes place, the landowner will be the one facing the repercussions.

Police verification of tenants ensures they are more careful and refrain from indulging in unlawful activities in the house. This could include the consumption of drugs or hosting parties that involve the buying, selling, and consuming illegal drugs and other illegal practices.

What are tenancy certificates?

Pune is marked by multiple wadas, especially in old Pune and the Peth areas. Many occupants have made these wadas their home, mainly owing to the affordability. More than 400 wadas, unfortunately, have been served a notice by the municipal corporation to be vacated for repair work. Tenancy certificates are issued to secure the tenancy rights of people living in dilapidated wadas in Pune. These tenancy certificates are important documents that give tenants the legal authority to stay in a rented house.

They also act as proof, and in case of unforeseen unfortunate incidents, untoward incidents to the structure become helpful to get details of the person. In extreme cases, if any Wada collapses, the certificate is proof that the tenant was living there.

Why are they getting extinct?

Many residents have no idea about the purpose of the tenancy certificates and have hence not applied for one. There is also a lot of ambiguity about the utility and validity of these certificates. When a tenant fills out an application for a tenancy certificate, officials from PMC visit the property to verify details, including the number of people staying there and the size of the house.

Majority of the wadas are located in prime locations and need redevelopment works but are hanging in the balance due to legal issues between owners and tenants. Many tenants fear vacating their premises, even when the building is on the verge of collapsing, over fears of losing their homes. The civic body, therefore, started issuing these certificates to tenants to resolve the legal battles between owners and occupants.

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