Amenities and advantages for a wholesome life

Amenities and advantages for a wholesome life!

Million aspirations begin with a dream office space or a dream residential space that you have been eagerly waiting for these years. Whatever your choice maybe, residential or commercial both the properties ask for different set of amenities out of which few are common. There are certain amenities which glorify the significance of the respective space in unique ways. At Pyramid lifestyle, to enhance the lifestyle and to add more to the comfort of living, new technologies are instilled every day to breathe life in the structures that we love as offices and homes.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties as retail shops, offices, storage spaces and other are supported with various elements to finally make them spaces of worth. Here are some advantages that add more value to these spaces.


One of the most significant facet of a commercial property is its location from important destinations of the city. Distance and connectivity to hotspots like Airport, railway station, bus stand, medical institutions, and other social infrastructure matter a lot and hence connectivity to them is one of the most vital element which surges the significance of the property that you choose. Connectivity is one silent amenity which adds value to the place making you pick the property to dream start your journey of dreams.


Return on Investment is another amenity that helps one choose a particular property. ROI which is directly proportional to the money invested has a lot to do with the geographical location of the project. If a commercial property is being bought just for the sole interest of investment then paying attention to its location gets very vital for the purchase. Any lands value grows multifold when it has prime destinations close to it. Having properties with such an amenity adds value to your possession thus making you stand on the profit side in the longer run.

Gated Community

An integrated fully secure premise surges the value of any possession as security promises growth. It’s a free state of mind which allows one to just focus on business instead of worrying about the security of a premise. Where gated community is one essential facet, it also stands as one pivotal amenity to add value to your property in any scenario.

Residential Properties

Residential properties come with multiple amenities in comparison to commercial properties. Lifestyle amenities starting from swimming pool, to gyms, to gardens and play areas, to clubs, the list goes on. Residential properties offer more to living than just work and hence having good amenities in the premise adds to life as well as adds to heavy ROI on resale. Residential properties also have walking/jogging tracks around the premise, also, they have special play areas for children to play. Where some properties come with basket-ball, football courts, some properties have indoor health clubs which offer games like table-tennis, badminton and more. After these many amenities, the value of a possession multi-folds faster than any other kind of possession. Other amenities like connectivity and security are common amidst commercial and residential spaces.

While purchasing a commercial or residential property, keeping these points in mind can help you pick the best property for your purchase or investment. At Pyramid lifestyle, each project that we build is chosen considering all these aspects. Right from the strategic location of a property to installing various amenities on site, the process is well-defined to enhance the value of the premise which in turn adds more to life of the residents or any investor who invests in the property. So, next time to you think of buying a home, look out for all the things that the premise is offering along with its amenities to help you choose finest for yourself.

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