An Ode to Civil Engineers on Engineer’s Day

An Ode to Civil Engineers on Engineer’s Day

The ancient industrial revolution began with the invention of the wheel. It moved on from machines, car, television, computer, mobile to drones, robots and more. These inventions and discoveries are the driving force of our progress and evolution. Some brilliant minds behind them are Engineers.

India celebrates the National Engineer’s Day on 15th September every year. It is to honour and appreciate the phenomenal contribution of Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya in the field of engineering.

A civil engineer by profession, Visvesvarayya is a Bharat Ratna Awardee and also known as the ‘precursor of economic planning in India’. The highly acclaimed engineer was also a mastermind in harnessing water resources.

India is a developing country and the role of the engineers is crucial. Engineering is an integral part of many sectors including communication, electronic, electrical, civil, healthcare, manufacturing, transport, robotics, Artificial intelligence and more.

India is also one of the fastest growing economies of the world. India’s engineering industry is approximately 27% of the total industrial sector. Capital goods are 26% of total engineering exports. We make construction machinery, irrigation equipment, diesel engines, tractors, transport vehicles, cotton textile and sugar mill machinery and more. Engineering industry is thriving and engineers are always in demand.

Civil Engineers play a key role in supporting the growth and development of the nation and economy. They also help in improving the quality of life for citizens. Civil engineering is a profession that applies science to the benefit of the mankind. It combines extensive training with application of scientific knowledge to day to day problems.

The civil engineers are the backbones of all infrastructure projects. They design, construct, supervise, operate and maintain large construction projects and systems including water supply and sewage treatment.

When we travel over a sturdy, well designed bridge we appreciate the grand view. But we forget the efforts the engineers have put in the creation of that utilitarian masterpiece. Engineers ensure that we travel safely over, in and from a structure.

A civil engineer is responsible for analysing the site of the construction and the surrounding area. The process includes search and investigation, location verification and the construction process. A civil engineer is not necessarily just a technical person with a predefined mind-set. He or she is a dreamer, inventor, creator, innovator, researcher and problem solver.

Currently civil engineers are building their careers even in social fields including poverty elimination, affordable housing, disaster management and community enhancement. They are actively contributing in research, development, design, construction, production, operation, management and other functions.

We at Pyramid salute the spirit of the civil engineers and their passion for building and creation. It is the foundation of real estate. Pyramid is proud to have association with a number of talented, experienced and qualified civil engineers who are contributing to the betterment of the community and the world. Our team of civil engineers is our asset. 

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