Investment opportunities that are better than before

Investment opportunities that are better than before!

Post pandemic, some investment opportunities have emerged as better than before. This is a recession and an opportunity for wealth creation in the near future. Those who are smart at translating challenges into opportunities are not going to miss this one.

Steady appreciation

No wonder that these thriving investment opportunities are in real estate field. For one, Real estate investment is less volatile than the stock market. It promises steady and sure appreciation. Plus in this era of lay-offs, reduced salaries and slowed down economy one has to have in investment that gives better returns.

Rental income

There is a huge difference in before and after the pandemic. Now every penny is precious. Real estate is a low risk opportunity. Plus it generates passive income stream for you. For example, a one or two BHK apartment at a prime location will fetch excellent rent.

Proximity to office

It will be more lucrative if the home near the office spaces. Now people are avoiding public transport and preferring homes in vicinity of the offices. You can invest in a good ready possession scheme that is close to IT parks or industrial areas. It will bring you regular rental income during the crisis.

Commercial properties

You can also invest in a commercial property, rent it and earn substantial income. Well connected or elite locations will reward you more. Plus commercial investment gives you more lease period without any hassles or new agreements, new tenants and paperwork. Smart investors rent their property to booming sectors such as IT, healthcare or banking and earn more.

Land investment

Land investments have proven highly beneficial for the long term. Today a number of developers have come up with attractive offers, discounts and negotiated prices. Land is a great asset if you are investing for your child’s higher education or your retirement plans. It is the right time to invest in land.

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