Best Time to Own a Home is Now

Pune is a lovely city that walks on a thin line between modernization and rich cultural heritage, a perfect mix of both. Every year, the city is subjected to a significant influx of people. People from all over the country have many reasons to shift entirely to Pune. Work, higher education, medical treatment, or just settling down in green hills. These large-scale migrations have turned Pune’s property market into a super active zone. From affordable studio apartments to luxury villas, Pune’s realty market comprises properties that cater to all segments of society. Consequently, the infrastructural development of Pune, jobs, and housing, has led to the booming of real estate in Pune. The real estate market of Pune holds a lot of potential for promising returns on investment. The current demand and supply equation in the city suggests that most home buyers/investors are eager to buy properties but are unsure of where to buy them and how to go about the process.

Investment Vs. Possession

The first and foremost factor that decides whether you are likely to invest in homes or buy a new home is your budget. It decides if you are capable enough of investing in a home or shifting to a new home and helps you plan things out. Purchasing real estate is always considered a profitable investment and is associated with a low-risk and high-return factor that acts as a long-term asset. Therefore, investment and possession are both advantageous with a few varied points.

Investment: Investing in a second home or a weekend home is a great idea for a regular income. Apart from the rising rates of real estate that boost the value of your property, you also get a consistent inflow of cash in the form of rent every month. Investments are dependent on the amount of money you are willing to book on a long-term basis and hence vary as the choice for most.

Possession: Buying a home and moving into it is the oldest and most common tradition of real estate investments. It is an upgrade that most people spend their life’s savings on. Apart from the tax benefits and improved ROI in the long term, homes are fixed assets that protect your future.

Why is it the best time now?

The pandemic was a true eye-opener that has helped people realize the significance of owning a home. Home loan interest rates are the lowest they have been in the past 15 years, coupled with the low cost of real estate offers a real chance for significant savings on life’s most cost-intensive investment. People are now motivated to think over their investment portfolios as real estate investments seem to have a status of a safer and stable investment. Let’s see why is it the best time to invest in real estate:

Reduced Home Loan Rates

Considering the situation in the country, RBI has significantly cut interest rates over the last year and has introduced many incentives to boost homeownership in India. The interest rates now stand as low as 6 – 7 percent in some banks making it an excellent time to apply for a home loan. RBI has also announced a reduction in the REPO rate which makes home loans even less expensive. The decline in the interest rates and the repo rates has encouraged people to invest in homes and has boosted the real estate sector with the increase in cash flows.

Facilitative Stamp Duty

The Maharashtra government has recently endorsed a reduction in stamp duty rates from 5 to 2%. This reduction saves almost 5-15% in overall cost acquisition depending on the price of the property. The central government has also been urging other states to reduce their respective stamp duties, one should not have second thoughts about if it is the right time to invest.

Flexible Variety

There are several options available in the market, even in ready-to-move properties. Moreover, prices of ready-to-move properties are almost at par with under-construction homes in many areas. Homebuyers have never had such a tempting range of options, at such low prices that offer the utmost flexibility in making their decision.

Consistent and Gradual Rise

The fact about investing in real estate is that the value of property depreciates very rarely as is likely to grow. Metro cities are starting to crowd up, and builders are moving to unexplored regions that lead to development in rural areas. Hence, investments in rural or urban locales are bound to improve on a long-term basis.

A Tangible and Safer Investment

Despite the fluctuations that the pandemic brought along, real estate has been considerably stagnant and has proven to be a safer and more stable investment. Since real estate is not traded on the exchange of goods, prices do vary overnight and improve on a long-term basis, protecting your investment and securing your future.

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