Changing Preferences of Homebuyers

Amongst the major milestones of a lifetime, buying a home is definitely a big one that motivates most people to work hard and save for a long time. A home is a place where your mind is absolutely open and all the negativity of the world is omitted at your doorstep. Indians have an especially strong emotional bond to their homes that adds to the financial value of the home. The pandemic left the world entangled and has transformed the way we do even the most basic of things. The challenges were grave initially and owing to the vaccination drives all over the country have subsided now but the end still seems far away. As we always have, we learned to live with the crisis that led to an evolution in the lifestyles we are adapting to live safely and peacefully in the new normal world.

Factors Affecting Homebuying

For most, buying a home is usually a one-time event and there’s a lot of responsibility to get everything perfectly right in accordance with the rest of your family. Everything about buying a home has changed since the inception of the pandemic. People have targeted demands and precisely know what they want in their new home. Here are the new factors that influence homebuying decisions:

  • A clean and safe environment is one of the most primary factors
  • Location of the home
  • Maintenance costs
  • Enhanced convenience with quality amenities
  • Presence of natural light and well-ventilated homes
  • Less-crowded locales is a growing preference
  • Energy-efficient homes are the need of the hour
  • Proximity to essentials like groceries, ATMs, supermarkets, preferably on the same premises
  • There is a prime need for quality construction and well-designed infrastructure

Changing Preferences in Today’s Time

A vast majority of the world was couped up in their homes for over a year which led to a heavy demand for spacious homes. People are ready to pay a premium as they have grown a desire for superior quality and luxury housing options. Everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and boost their immunity, so having gyms and fitness centers on the premises is a preference that influences the final decision. Impeccable security, health, and safety standards are a primary requirement for people while buying homes during this time. The booming culture of WFH has led to a demand for customized homes that boost the lost efficiency and productivity as no one knows how long WFH is going to stay. People now prefer to live in homes that are surrounded by nature and are less crowded to distance themselves from unnecessary hassles. The trend of homebuying has actually increased since the pandemic as apart from the comfort they offer, homes are an asset that grows with time and protects your future.


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