Good time to declutter and adopt minimalism as a way of life

Good time to declutter and adopt minimalism as a way of life

This is the time. You are home bound. You and your spouse both are working from home. Kids are home schooling. In laws too can’t go out any more. What’s more, everyone is in dire need of space and peace. That’s exactly why, this is the time. To declutter, simplify and live in harmony with your surroundings.

COVID-19 has been a life lesson. People are cutting down on their extra shopping. Basic needs are given priority. Cooking is mostly at home. Life has become a bit old school. Of course, technology has taken a giant leap. So consumerism is out, minimalism is in. And what better time to declutter than this!

Benefits of decluttering

• You have more living space and room to do constructive things
• It is healthier as it removes dust particles and allergens from your home
• It gives freedom from illnesses and sound sleep
• It removes stress and makes you more future oriented
• It increases your energy and sense of confidence
• It is therapeutic and you get more creative time for yourself

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is restructuring your space to keep minimum material things. These are the things that matter to you the most. Instead of stacking your space with unnecessary clutter, you keep only those items which you really require.

Time to go minimalistic

During this pandemic time, start decluttering your home and go minimalistic. It will help you find your freedom from overwhelming material possessions and the culture which is eating into your time and budget. Own what you really cherish and get rid of the excess. Focus on what is important so you can find happiness in everything you are doing.

Benefits of minimalism

Once you incorporate minimalism in your life, you will be find more space to be in, more time to live purposefully and more life to live to the fullest. It will help you focus more on your health and happiness.

Instead of spending more and more time on cleaning, tidying and arranging the same things again and again, you will be doing things for yourself. You will discover purpose in life and will do the things you are passionate about, such as your hobbies, travel or reading.

How to go minimal?

• Keep minimum furniture or a multipurpose furniture
• Keep your home or office space easy to clean
• Do not keep too many decorative artefacts
• Keep surfaces clean and clear
• Hang only one or two simple pieces on the wall
• Store stuff out of sight in drawers or cabinets
• Use soothing colours which create positive vibes
• Give a definite space to everything

This is the right time to go minimalistic and feel the difference. Once you have decluttered your space and simplified your life, sit back, relax and enjoy. It’s so peaceful, satisfying and rewarding!

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