Ideal Amenities. Ideal Investment.

Pune stands as the epitome of a cosmopolitan city replete with a rich cultural background. It has emerged as an ideal city to accommodate newer working generations along with older and retired generations. Apart from good pubs and places to party (which is a far-fetched dream as of now), it has rather peaceful weather and environment making it a comfortable place to settle down or retire (which can be a reality any day). Over the last few decades, Pune has seen a consolidated development in residential and commercial real estate due to the large-scale urbanization of the city. The booming IT sector has opened up a lot of opportunities for working-class migrations to the city. Owing to Pune’s swift development, a few regions viewed as suburbs are the business areas of interest today and this is generally because the working class has grown a preference for proximity to the working sector.

Different Investments in Real Estate

Investments in real estate are mainly distributed amongst residential and commercial projects. There is a third category that can function effectively for both residential and commercial objectives known as plotting projects.

Commercial real estate comprises office spaces, retail outlets, industrial developments, etc. that can be bought for personal use or can be leased over.

Buying a home has always been more than a financial investment for Indians. A good investment in real estate can be a strong standpoint in your life. The only factor that distinguishes the better options from the good ones, is the set of amenities provided by the developer. This point stands true for both commercial and residential real estate.

Amenities that Boost Residential Real Estate

Amenities lead to convenient living and the presence of high-end amenities is a symbol of quality. This symbol brings a sense of luxury to the residential projects. Apart from being your sanctuary, homes are an undeniably strong asset that grows over time. The provision of top-tier amenities plays a hefty role in boosting the value of your initial investment. Here are the amenities that aid in improving the ROI:

  • Power backup
  • Flawless security with CCTV covered common spaces
  • 24X7 supply of water
  • Provision of well-maintained gyms and tracks for walking
  • A clubhouse with indoor sports and recreation
  • Eco-friendly community and good garbage disposal
  • Connectivity to essentials like hospitals, schools, shopping, etc.
  • Clean swimming pools and kids play area
  • Impeccable on-site maintenance
  • Availability of organized parking spaces
  • Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity

Indians are now better placed financially and have grown demand for premium quality at premium rates. Another factor that boosts the value of your residential real estate is the location it is situated in. Few locales have more potential to grow than the others and it’s important to pick the right locations following a plan for your future.

At Pyramid Lifestyle, we aim to set new benchmarks for our customers by adhering to strict quality standards and installing high-end amenities in our projects. Whether it’s commercial or residential projects in Pune, our work stands out from the rest as a symbol of excellence. Visit to know more about us and get in touch!

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