Opening New Windows: To better light & ventilation!

Imagine a home with no windows! No, we’re not talking about the titular operating system owned by Bill Gates. We are talking about a plain and simple definition of a ‘window’. Be it in terms of metaphor or literal sense, it is always necessary to have a window. In the metaphoric sense, the conversation will lead to a whole new tangent of philosophy, but in the literal sense, we would be talking about how important it is to have a window in any living space. It completely substantiates the need for a breathing space unlike living in a box. This article would emphasize the significance of windows and how they can impact the light and ventilation inside the house, and what are the different types of windows that we can look at while building a house.


Every room needs upgraded Windows!

When we talk about windows in a real estate context, there are different facets that define the purpose of these types of windows. Let’s take a sneak peek, shall we?


Sliding Windows

These are the most common type of windows that we see in today’s homes. These are used across all rooms regardless of the type of room as it helps welcome maximum natural light and ventilation.


Bay Windows

As romantic as it sounds, these windows have ample sitting area on the inside with a ledge wherein you can sit by the window and enjoy the view.


Casement Windows

These types of windows are usually suggested to be installed in the kitchen because they aren’t obstructed by the countertop. It enables ample light & ventilation in the kitchen.


Picture Windows

These are large, fixed pane windows that maximize your view. One of the disadvantages is that these fixed panes do not make much room for ventilation in the room. Predominantly used in kitchens, picture windows can be used as secondary windows instead of the primary windows as they make room for ample light.


Tilt & Turn Windows

These are yet another type of casement windows ideal for insulating the kitchen and open only on the inside so that the room is brightened up and there’s ample ventilation.


Importance of Windows

Well, it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Windows are really important in a home for reasons more than one. Here’s a list of why we think they play a significant role in enhancing your quality of living:

  • It reduces the presence of dust & allergens
  • It enhances home security
  • It improves the comfort quotient
  • It is energy-efficient


At Pyramid Lifestyle, every home that’s crafted by us is well-thought and well-designed with windows that elevate your comfort & lifestyle. While we have been living up to our ethos and #DeliveredAsPromised, we believe that our homes do more than what’s expected of them. If you wish to know more about who we are or what we do, please visit

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