Tips to make maintenance worry-free

When it comes to residents living in a rented apartment, they leave the “maintenance” part to the landlords. After all, it is one of the primary benefits that a tenant gets to enjoy. But, the damages caused while the tenant is staying in the rented apartment, those costs have to be borne by them of course. This blog will touch base on the areas where ‘maintenance’ can be a worry-free affair to both, tenants and landlords.



Speaking of the most common area and the most important one is – the floor. We walk on it, we sleep on it and our children play on it. While using carpets, rugs, floor mats, etc., make sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis. Keeping them unclean for a longer duration attracts bacteria and germs which can make us unhealthy and make the floor untidy as well. If you have wood laminated or vinyl floors, ensure that a minimum amount of floor cleaning liquid is used so that it doesn’t damage the surfaces and take the charm away. So, it is crucial to keep the floors clean so that our family is safe and the guests are floored (pun, intended).



Be it in the office or home, the air-conditioning war is always on top of its game. There’s always someone who wants the temperature to be higher and there’s someone who needs it to be chilly. In such conditioners… err, conditions, the air-conditioner is prone to gather lots of dust, get damaged and most of the times changing filters becomes a messy affair. It is important to inspect the vents periodically to ensure proper airflow. To keep the air-conditioner in a working condition before it wears out, it is important to set the temperature on a standard scale so that it’s acceptable for everyone in the house. So, finally, when the dust settles, we can get back to doing the next important thing.



It takes some of the most basic mistakes that can lead to leakage or blockage of water in the house. Plumbing problems occur mainly when there’s too much dirt stuck in the kitchen sink or bathroom that’s not cleaned on a regular basis. For instance, we drink tea or coffee, and instead of disposing of the remains in the garbage bin, we let the sink decide what to filter. All the efforts that you took to make your home free from dirt, goes down the drain (rather, gets blocked in it). It is simple to avoid such problems. Use the plunger to unclog the sinks and toilets. You need to remove the gathered hair in the bathroom. Calling the plumber should be the last thing you would want to do.


At Pyramid Lifestyle, we ensure that every resident living here, either on rent or in their own homes lives a stress-free life. Equipped with the best of amenities and specifications, you would hardly get to complain about anything at Pyramid Lifestyle. The maintenance staff ensures that all your queries are addressed in time and our tips to make maintenance worry-free fairs well.

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