Perks of being socially responsible

It always feels great when you do something good for society on a holistic level. Most of the time, we do it to ease our guilt or consciousness of being too self-centered and focusing on personal growth (which is not a bad thing), and sometimes we do it out of pure humanity. Nevertheless, when an individual or a company does such philanthropic stuff, he/she/it is certainly socially responsible. This article sheds some light on why we do it and what are the advantages of being socially responsible.


The Need for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

It is important for companies on a multi-dimensional scale to be socially responsible and measure the tangible and intangible benefits. While some use it to balance the economic state of affairs by providing monetary benefits to the economically backward group of people, some are meant to bring the community of physically or mentally challenged people at par with the common man. Here are some of the reasons why a company would love to be socially responsible.


To support local & global communities

When a company takes an initiative to do a CSR activity, it is primarily to expand their business to other geographies. Most of the time, the company wants to establish its presence across cities, states and nations, and it is not always monetary. Creating awareness through CSR is one way how they do it. By being helpful to communities, offering them jobs, and looking after their welfare, these companies make an inclusive effort to be a part of a community where they wish to imprint their corporate footprints.


To grab more eyeballs via media

Unlike the unpopular opinion of ‘keep the camera away while doing good’, most companies do the contrary. When any company does CSR, it wants the world to know how “good-hearted” the company is. They invite a press conference or even take a journalist along to cover the activity for the specific days and make a documentary out of it. Not many of them would see this in a positive way, but some things that need to be known should be known, for the greater good.


It makes employees start a conversation

Many a time, the employees of a company work alienated within their own departments. There’s less or no conversation between them unless the need arises. When a company takes the CSR initiative, it brings together a lot of new people within the company together; people who share the same compassion likes and dislikes. Such CSR activities enhance engagement within the company.


It’s good for the company’s image

When a company does something good for society, it automatically improves the brand image of the company. Supporting causes like health, education, and livelihood of people who are deprived of it, makes the company stand out and becomes likable by a lot of people. The relationship with the customers will improve by itself and investors will queue up at your doorstep.


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