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Do we need realistic show flats?

Very often, a customer buys a home depending on the show flats that the builder shows them. Just like every real estate builder does, the show flats are dolled up for the customer to come, visit, take a close look at the kind of space the project has to offer, and the rest of the fixtures are in place just to give them the idea of what looks good in a home. This blog will talk in detail (rather a debate) on the topic of having a realistic show flat which gives the customer a real sense of space, rather than an imaginary one, created by the builder.

Aesthetics matter

Of course, when a customer visits a particular show flat most of the builders focus on the aesthetics to make it visually appealing. The belief that first impression is the last impression is a passé. Customers tend to visit the same project again and again just to make sure they are investing their money in the right place because buying a home is a high-cost, high-involvement affair. It cannot be treated as impulse buying and therefore, a lot of thought goes into making even a single decision. The same goes for the builder. To sell one particular flat, the amount of efforts the sales and after-sales team take is no less than an achievement in itself.

While the team of architects chalks out the floor plans, customers who visit the show flat need to get a fair idea of space that’s actually available considering the mess a typical middle-class family has in a home. There’s always a dedicated chair that holds old clothes together in one corner of a bedroom. There’s an extra cylinder that carries the old newspapers on its head. The bathrooms have that extra bucket with clothes that are yet to be washed. And, not to forget, the toys that are scattered all over the living room… the sight is not so very aesthetic though, but quite realistic. The space for such a mess is not considered while creating a show flat. Is it necessary though? Debatable!

More charging points

The tech-savvy generation today needs more power banks and charging points than anything else… more, the better. They need one by the sofa in the living room, one by the bed in their bedrooms, and if they could, they would also have one in the bathroom by the toilet seat. That’s yet another thing people look out for in a show flat. Every home these days is coiled with wires, though concealed in most homes, some are overtly visible. If there was a show flat that showed the real side of this chaotic connection, one would definitely get to know the exact amount that the customer had to empty from his pocket to fill in the socket.

Questionable Light & Ventilation

If a customer is buying a home on the 21st floor, the show flat certainly is not on the same floor. The air flows at a different speed. The temperature is different (provided the air conditioner is ON). The light hits the home differently than the rest. The view is definitely a parameter that plays a major role in choosing a home. If the customer had to experience the light & ventilation he/she is supposed to get in their “actual” home, the show flat is certainly not a realistic mode of choice to evaluate it.

At Pyramid Lifestyle, we make sure that every customer who visits our show flat gets the real sense of space and every question is answered when it comes to light & ventilation, aesthetics & functionality, and lastly, the floor plans justify the space the customer is looking for. The homes designed by Pyramid Lifestyle and the show flats the customers take a look into; both put the customers in a superior space and help them choose the right home for them. So, the question still stands… do we need a realistic show flat to help us buy a home? Share your thoughts with us on our social media handles.

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